My Tod's Pashmy Nylon Messenger

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  1. I had started a thread about feeling embarassed by a comment someone made while using my new Tod's Pashmy nylon messenger bag. I figure I might as well post pictures since I haven't done so yet. I've been using it every day since I purchased it two weekends ago. It's the perfect any weather bag. I love the adjustable straps.
    Picture 590.jpg Picture 591.jpg Picture 593.jpg
  2. What did they say? How ridiculous! She's fabulous! I love it! You wear it with pride....
  3. Cute! I really like it.
  4. Wow, its even cuter than I imagined.
  5. I love that! Messenger style bags are so practical too, imo.
  6. I am loving these Tod's nylon bags! Congrats! I usually don't like nylon bags, but these Tod's ones look so gorgous. The gold zippers and hardware add a richness I never thought nylon could possess.
  7. Looks great on you; don't worry about what other people say as long as you like what you wear!
  8. Looks great on you SuLi!!! :tup: I love my Tod's Pashmy bag. I've been carrying it a lot too, particularly in bad weather.

    Incidentally :graucho:, did you notice that Saks is now offering a matching pochette????????????? It is SO cute, but kind of pricey. Still, it is tempting, lol...

    Tod's pochette.JPG
  9. Looks great on you SuLi! I've loved this bag ever since I saw Cameron Diaz carrying it - always seemed so light and easy to carry (but I couldn't bring myself to spend the $, so I'll just admire it on you)!
  10. Ohh I love it!!!
  11. It's lovely! I have the hobo that I love wearing cross-body! Enjoy it!
  12. What a beautiful bag!!!! LOL! You know I have the exact same one in that color. AT first, I wasnt mad about the color, but now I love it!
  13. Oh and i just got the small pouch in black, couldn't find it in smoke.
  14. I just love the golden hardware !
  15. It looks so practical.