My toddler loves the peony tote!

  1. Just got the Mid sized Peony tote and my 22 month old absolutely adores it. And so do I!

    Here are her modeling pix. Are we screwed or what?? She's an identical twin.. so that means twice the Coach. Yikes!

    **sorry for the messy house, btw**:shame:



  2. Aw... So Cute!

    She's off to a good start!
  3. Such cute pictures!!! Thank you for sharing!

    That tote is so beautiful!!
  4. Absolutely adorable!! (and the bag is pretty cute too :p!)
  5. OMG, she's so cute!!
  6. That is tooooooo cuteeeeee!! XD!!

    She wears it like no other!!

  7. Too cute! Oh yes, your purse too!!:love:
  8. Thanks for the compliments! I love the femininity of the bag with all the pink and flowers. I think being inundated with pink ALL the time will do it to you ...especially as the mommy of two little girls!
  9. Those pics are just adorable! She is a true Coach girl!! :smile: BTW that peony tote is beautiful!
  10. How ADORABLE! She wears it well!:heart:
  11. That is really cute, she is a cutie too!!
  12. hahaha it's nearly as big as she is!
  13. So very cute!! :smile::cutesy:
    And, yes, you're so screwed:true::amuse:
  14. How cute, Coach Addict in Training!!! Watch out ladies toddler girl on the loose! :lol:
  15. Okay, that is seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen... :tispy:
    Your daughters are beautiful.. you are so blessed!!!!! :yes: