My TJ Maxx find

  1. Just found these at TJ Maxx!
    And the matching wristlet:

    The wallet was $59.99 and the wristlet $24.99.

    I'm pretty excited right now!
  2. wow!! thats awesome!!

    I'm going to TJ MAXX tomorrow!
  3. Awesome!
  4. Good finds. I saw a hamptons drafting tote in red there a couple days ago.
  5. That's awesome!!! Maybe I should check the TJ Maxx by me!
  6. <<< jealous! The only thing good I've ever found at TJ Maxx is a Michael Kors bag for $100.
  7. OMG! How do you find Coach at TJMaxx? My TJMaxx is the worst!!
  8. i am going TODAY
  9. Ohhh...I wish I lived near a TJ Maxx. :crybaby:
    Cute wallet and wristlet!!!!:tup:
  10. My TJMaxx doesn't have this either... it stinks, as a matter of fact...

    Congrats, fabulous find!!
  11. The Marshall's near me had the Bleecker wristlet for $24.99.
  12. Great finds !! Love the color.
  13. Whenever I see these posts about TJs or Marshalls I get so jealous. My stores always have crap!
  14. It's not just yours! I've been to SEVERAL TJMaxx's in MD and TX and never found anything :crybaby:
  15. I am floored.... I have never found so much as a charm at any TJMaxx near me....