My tiny X-mas present, mastic compagnon!

  1. :yahoo:
    Ok, it's not a bag, but it's been such a surprise to me!
    My BF (the one always telling me I'm crazy spending so much on bags...:rolleyes:) found it and he didn't even know I was planning to buy it right after Christmas!
    So along with other things I found this lovely mastic compagnon.
    I'm going to take other pictures, but meanwhile....:wlae:
  2. WOW Babi :nuts: what a cutie and sweet X-mas present :drool: !! It's just GORGEOUS -love it :love: ! CONGRATS sweety and thank you so much for sharing :flowers:

  3. Congrats, Babi! Very lovely present and what a sweet & thoughtful bf you have!!! Love the colour!

  4. Thank you so much firstclass and nada!!
    Yes, I would have looooved a bag in this color, but meanwhile I'm enjoying this cutie.
    And yes, the best part of the surprise is that my BF seems to HATE this kind of treasures;)
  5. [​IMG]

    Ok, not the best match, but for Christmas I want to wear my RT...
    Just to see the dimensions....
  6. Aw, it's soooo cute!
  7. COngrats, and merry christmas!
  8. aww its lovely! happy christmas :smile:
  9. I love this color combination - I think the Sahara can go with so many colors, and I love a camel color with the richness of the rouge theatre - it is the perfect complement!

    What a sweetie your boyfriend is!
  10. Congrats Babi!! Now you have a wonderful BF that really cares for you :yes:

    Very cool.

  11. Congrats.:yahoo: That wallet is so cute. I just got it in Blueberry myself. Merry x-mas.:woohoo:
  12. Babi congrats on your new compagnon. And yes it really is a stunning combo with your RT City! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!
  13. Lucky girl!! I think that mastic will match EVERYTHING and the mastic and rouge together are stunning! Merry Christmas!:yes:
  14. What a nice surprise (and boyfriend)! Congrats!
  15. what a sweet x'mas gift!!! mastic looks great w/ your RT....congrats