My Tiny Collection

  1. Hi peeps my name is Michelle and after looking at everyone's pretty bags for months, I wanted to show mines too! I don't have nearly as many bags as you girls, but I still find it a challenge to wear and store them all jeje. Hope you like em!

    First my Designer bags, my fav right now: :graucho:
  2. And here is my Coach Collection:
    coachbagcollection.JPG coachshoes1.JPG coachshoes2.JPG
  3. i really like your damier speedy and your muse... great collection!
  4. Thanks im glad someone likes them :smile:
  5. i love your coach flats! :smile:
  6. Nice collection! I love the Muse
  7. Love your shoes and the azur is one of my favs
  8. Great Collection.
  9. Love your LVs and your Coach shoes!
  10. Great pieces!
  11. Very nice collection!
  12. awesome collection.
  13. is the black bag a Gucci
    great collection.
  14. Great collection :tup:
  15. Oooo lovely