My Tiny Collection

  1. Sorry about the all the booze, but the bar has the best lighting for pictures. :smile: Here is my small but loved collection:

    Wek1933 tote
    Anna Corinna half canvas city tote
    Rachel Nasvik small patricia
    Aridza Bross purse

    The first three were made in NYC :heart: and the last one was is handmade in France.
  2. Very nice!
  3. great collection.
  4. Nice collection-
  5. Very nice ;)
  6. love the anna corrina! i always wanted a city tote:drool:
  7. nice :smile:
  8. hmmmm... ok thats a good collection... :tpfrox:
  9. Nice collection!
  10. Gorgeous collection!!!! Thanks for posting!!!
  11. Nice collection;)
  12. They are all so beautiful and simplistic, love them.