My tiny collection

  1. I dont post to much here. but i thought i should share with you my little collection which i plan to grow it.
    the Mini Orange is my first bag and i just received early this week the Brown First. i love them both.

  2. What a fun way to start your collection ;)
  3. That mini twiggy is so adorable! What brown in your first? Is it the marron? I really like it.
  4. Slinks thanks.

    Circoit -the First is in color Brown
  5. Wow!!!
    I guess it's the pinkish lighting of the picture but that brown first looks like it has several different layers of color!!

    It's an awesome collection!

    You can be a very casual classy dame during the day with your first and be a wild rocker chick at night with that mini orange!! :jammin:
  6. ^^I agree. Great collection!!!
  7. And what a collection it is too! They're gorgeous - congrats!
  8. I love your orange twiggy it's so fun!! What a great start to your collection! Thanks for sharing!!
  9. How cute are those, what a great way to start your collection!
  10. I love your orange mini twiggy, its so cute!
  11. Cute collection!
  12. Your mini twiggy is adorable!
  13. :nuts: :heart: aaaw two sweetest pups and two gorgeous bags together ! what a cute combination congrats!
  14. great start! :yes:
    i started mine with a metallic mini twiggy too, but it's in red :p
  15. The mini twiggy is just so cute!! I love it. Congrats on your fine collection.