My tiny collection :D!

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  1. I posted this in the reference library yesterday, but felt the need to share in the main thread... :love: tiny but lovely.

  2. Lovely indeed! Nice variety as well!!
  3. ^I agree, you do have variety in your collection.
    I love it! Very stunning. My favourite is the CB Pochette A!
  4. Nice collection. Love your CB Pochette. :tup:
  5. Absolutely gorgeous! Excellent pieces!
  6. Great Collection!!!! Congrats!!
  7. I love the variety! Is the vernis purse in back silver?

    Everything looks great and in fab condition. I'm green with envy over your CB pochette ;)
  8. Great collection! I love the contrast of the pomme d'amour cles and beige reade.
  9. very nice! thanks for sharing!
  10. I love love LOVE the Reade PM x Cles combination!
    They go sooo well together! ^^
  11. Thanks everyone! :smile:

    The cherry blossom is my favorite, anything with a "cute factor" wins me over... lol

    queenmab, the vernis is beige.
  12. You've got great taste! Love your collection.
  13. Cute CB Pochette and I love the color your Pomme cles turned out in that photo!
  14. Nice collection. I love your vernis.
  15. lovely collection, and varied congrats :smile: