My tiny collection....:D

  1. Hi everyone:smile:,

    This is the first time I am posting my collection. I don't have a lot and it's a mix and match of different brands. I am hoping that someday I will have more...:yes:



  2. great collection:biggrin:
  3. Nice! Love the lucille pm!
  4. :yes: Thanks Lindsay...:biggrin:
  5. Nice collection!
  6. Nice bags!
  7. You have a beautiful collection! :yes: Thanks for sharing! :smile:
  8. Great collection.
  9. Nice collection! Okay, I know this is the LV subforum but I really LOVE your burberry swingpack! I'm actually looking for a messenger bag just like that but in pink novacheck.
  10. Nice collection!
    Pink baggy, awesome!
  11. Fabulous collection! My baggy is my favorite these days too! (Pssst....I also adore Burberry)
  12. Thanks everyone, you guys are too nice;)!

    The burberry swingpack is surprisingly it carries a lot. I got it from the outlet mall in Buffalo last year... :biggrin:

    I love all my bags, I switch bags almost everyday :biggrin:

    Thanks again so much for your nice comments!

    KB :biggrin:
  13. cute! love the Lucille PM :drool:
  14. Great collection! I especially like the fuschia baggy!
  15. Gee, that's already a lot! I only have ONE!