..My tights keep running away!

  1. Tonight I was going to wear my black sweater dress with black tights. I as I was putting on my tights I got this ginormous hole and run all the way down my leg. What brands do you ladies buy that seem the most durable?
  2. surprisingly, gap tights hold up very well. my favorite is wolford though. they last forever.
  3. H&M makes my absolute favorite tights. They are indestructible!:yes: They seem to last forever, hold up after washing, and are all around perfect. I do find they run a little small, so I size up and buy a size bigger.
  4. how horrible! I actually haven't had any problems with runs in my tights - nylons definitely, but who wears those anymore :p ? I wear DKNY, Spanx, H&M, and Hue.
  5. Really? I've heard that they're great but I could never justify $60 for a pair of tights. I always get little holes in the toes and you know how those end up.
  6. Wolford and DKNY for me. I have a few pairs from 2-3 years back that still looks new.
  7. dkny and hue make really decent tights...i've had my dkny for 6 years, and they still hold up well, with wear and tear signs, ofcourse (i even throw them into the wash, without any lingerie bags). if you can afford to spend a little more, wolfords are great. they are half price at Saks during sales and there are wolford outlets too.
  8. I've had good luck with Spanx and DKNY.
  9. i like wolford but i think falke are better, they are cheaper too. since i invested i a couple of good pairs instead of hundreds of cheap ones iv had no problem
  10. I have a lot of tights because I wear dresses a lot. DKNY is the best brand I've found so far. They're tightly woven so they're not very prone to getting runs. H&M tights are good too. I like the black opaque 60 den tights.