my tiffany necklace only looks good with polos??

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  1. It really depends. I think it can work w/ other necklines, but certain necklines may not work, like a really low v-neck. I'd just try it out and see w/ individual tops, but I don't think there is a hard and fast rule w/ necklaces this length.
  2. i agree that you probably need to do a bit of trial and error and try it on with different tops. But because it is a chunky kind of choker, i think it would look great with a lowcut top or blouse or certain dress styles - see how you go
  3. It is so beautiful, you've just got to experiment. I have the bracelet and would love your necklace! Under a white shirt? Gorgeous! Enjoy it!
  4. I think the necklace looks gorgeous with boatneck tops.