My Tiffany Legacy Rings

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  1. Please excuse my swollen fingers ( I just ran)! My Legacy band has diamonds that go all the way around, the other band is Shared diamonds that also go all the way around. The Legacy center stone is just over a carat.

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  2. Gorgeous :drool: My SO & I looked at engagement rings and I fell in love with the Legacy engagement ring and band. I hope to get the Legacy engagement ring in the near future!
  3. Oh I love the Legacy ring - it's so timeless. Your ring is gorgeous!
  4. w.o.w.....
  5. that is one hunk of a gorgeous ring!
  6. gorgeous ring!
  7. Gorgeous.
  8. lovely!
  9. Those rings are absolutely stunning!
  10. love love love!
  11. GORGEOUS!:tup:
  12. absolutely stunning! i love the design!
  13. lovely ! :heart:
  14. breathtaking!! my idea of perfection in a ring!
  15. ABsoluteLY GOOOOOORgeous.