My Tiffany jewellry is turning yellow :(

  1. I've been having bad luck with Tiffany lately.

    I have a few silver pieces, and they all seem to be getting discoloured!

    I bought them directly from the boutique, so there is no question about authenticity. I've had them all for under a year.

    If I take them into the store to get polished, will it help? Do they charge for this?
  2. I have lots of Tiffany jewelry. Here's what I do to polish my silver and get them looking new again. I use a silver dip and a silver polish cloth. They're cheap. You can get them at Tiffany's or any other places that sell jewelry. The dip does a very thorough clean and the cloth cleans and buffs. I use the dip maybe every 2 or 3 months (I'm lazy!) and I use the cloth once a week or every 2- 3 weeks depending on how often I wear my Tiffany and what I've done (i.e. body oils on jewelry, lotion on it, etc.) You can also take your jewelry to Tiffany's and they can do it, but I find sometimes they're too busy to do it. Don't worry, just a little cleaning and polishing and it'll be new again!
  3. If you bring it to the store, it will definitely help. I have tried cleaning at home for my Tiffany items, but the store cleans it much better.
  4. If you take it to the store they will clean it either in the store or send it to get cleaned at no charge , my necklace turned black because of perfume i had on recated bad with the sliver , they sent it aways and in about a week it was sent back looking brandnew
  5. thanks for your advice guys! :smile:
  6. Its worth it to take it to Tiffany's and have it cleaned. It will look like new again. It will take 3 days for Tiffany to clean silver jewelry and there will be a charge for Tiffany silver.
  7. also keep it away from anything leather.
  8. oh btw, good luck, i'm sure it will be looking like brand new again. silver is sometimes harder to take care of than what! depends on your habits (putting on perfume, wearing lotion) as some others have mentioned which will affect the jewelry.
  9. It's finicky, but so gorgeous when you get it home. It gleams.
  10. Oh that sucks! I have loads of T & Co silver (after taking a gander at my avatar, are you really surprised?)--and learned, the hard way, about putting lotion or perfume on--I learned you should have all your jewelry OFF when doing that--it could cause the metal to discolor (don't worry, it'll come off with cleaner).

    Also, if I leave it in a box for too long, it can get tarnished. So I try to find reasons to wear it ALL! I do recommend you pick up the cleaning cloths from Tiffany's they'll do ya good in between having them clean it. And yes, the do charge a fee for silver cleaning (it's worth it!).

    Best of luck!
  11. I was told by a jeweler that white gold and silver will turn yellow over time because of the oils in your skin and that they need to be recoated to look "new" again.
  12. it's normal. all silver turns yellow if you don't clean it.
  13. i use a mr clean magic eraser and mine get so clean they look new!!!!

    its easier for me to clean them myself because tiffany's is 50min away.
  14. Brought mine to Tiffs ... they cleaned it in about 1 hour...cost 10.00
  15. line a glass bowl with alfoil on the shimy side up, add bicarc of soda and hot water (which will bubble) and drop the silver into it for a couple of minutes. The fizz lifts off the tarnish. Rinse it in purified water and dry it with a jewellery cloth or chamois. I used to work in a high-end jewellery store while I was at Uni, and that was all we used