My Tiffany e-ring is damaged!

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  1. I just looked at my ring this afternoon and one of the tops of the setting prongs is gone!

    I nearly cried. I called Tiffany and am taking it in tommorow to be sent to Melbourne to see if they can repair it (several weeks minimum).

    Otherwise it needs to be sent to the US which could take a lot longer they said.

    Does anyone have any advice on price or if they will need to do a new setting or what I should ask for? This ring is less than a year old but I dont have the receipt.

    I've attached pictures...


  2. Gosh how did that happen? Anyway good luck, am sure Tiffany can fix it. Beautiful ring you have there!
  3. Tiffany will definitely be able to fix it. They were able to melt down and build my setting (I have a small ring size) in about three weeks, sent to NYC.

    It'll work out and when you get your ring back you'll have a stronger setting and a perfectly clean e-ring! (Princess cuts are vulnerable to damage on the corners in general, so you might want to brainstorm how you banged the ring to prevent damaging your diamond in the future)
  4. I own a few Tiffany diamond pieces including my ering and I am sure Tiffany is able to fix it. Tiffany has done a few repairs for my items. The good thing is that your diamond is ok, don't worry, the setting can be fixed.
  5. Ouch! At least the diamond didn't chip! Think of it that way. Yes, it stinks to be wihout it a few weels but that's much better than having chipped the diamond. Please keep us posted. Did you knock it into something?
  6. Aw bummer. Hopefully they will cover it since you've had it under a year. It might take up to two months, but it will be worth the wait. They will likely remake the head, not the shank.
  7. sorry to hear that...I am sure everything will work out!!!

    **p.s. beautiful ring, congratulations!!!
  8. Don't worry. Tiffany will be able to fix your ring, and when you get it back, it will look just like new. Thankfully your stone, which is beautiful, is not damaged. Take heart!
  9. Wow! Sorry about that. Thank goodness you saw it before the diamond chipped or fell out. Good luck with everything.
  10. omg all i can say ...
  11. The good thing is that you caught this early and that the stone is not damaged. I am sure Tiffany will do right by you and it will come back beautiful! Good luck!
  12. Oh no! I agree with everyone else - Tiffany will fix it (and I would be persistent that they should fix it for free, especially if you didn't do something like slam it in a door or something :P). Re-tipping a prong isn't that big of a job, hopefully they don't need to send it to the US.

    Also -- you probably know this, but just in case, don't wear it until it gets fixed! With 4-prongs, if one of the prongs breaks then the other 3 can't hold the diamond in any more...
  13. Aww, I'm sooo sorry this happened to you!!! Definitely take it in as soon as you can and hopefully they can fix it for you quickly!! GL!!
  14. Beautiful ring! Don t worry, if it is a tiffany ring, they can do something for you!
  15. Yes I'm very careful with my rings which is why I can't figure out what happened.

    I looked at the diamind and it appears fine.

    Yes I took it off right away and it's waiting to go to the store.

    I wonder - are they supposed to give me a slip to say that they are repairing my item? I've read something about another lady whose stone was damaged by them...
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