My Tiffany Collection...

  1. Hi all, thought I'd put my Tiffany Jewellery collection up...

    1. Return to Tiffany heart tag necklace. My first piece that I bought myself in Singapore
  2. 2. Return to Tiffany Heart Tag Bracelet, a graduation present from my parents
  3. 3. Return To Tiffany oval tag choker. Present to myself when I went away

    4. 1837 Collection Ring. Present to myself again!

    5. Return to Tiffany Heart Earrings. Easter Present

    6. 1837 Collection necklace from my friends
    DSC00512.JPG DSC00514.JPG DSC00509.JPG
  4. Great collection!! :tup: I love the oval tag choker!!
  5. I have your same earrings and Choker!. I purchased the earrings when they first came out,and have not taken them off ever since 2005!..

    but be VERY careful with the backs, the little sticks in the back are VERY sensitive,and break easily!. Mine broke back in May,and I was heartbroken..

    as well they charged me $30 dollars to get them fixed!
  6. I have the same oval tag necklace and the heart tag necklace in the first pic is on its way to me right now!! I want the bracelet, but I really am not a bracelet person at all.

    Great collection!
  7. lovely collection!!
  8. Pretty! I have those earrings, too. Thanks for sharing!
  9. yeah the earrings are gorgeous!! ill have to make sure im extra careful with them now!! i'd be devestated if they broke especially as there is no tiffany store close to me.

    to margaritaxmix i wasn't a bracelet person before i got the tiffany one and ive rarely taken it off since i got it!!!
  10. awww! thanks for posting :smile:

    this just reminds me, there's a tiffanys collection thread out there. If you haven't saw it yet, it will be like eye candy for you. You should add your wonderful collection in that thread :smile: thanks again for sharing!