My Tiffany 1 ct

  1. She's a humble Tiffany's 1.01 center and .5 surrounding stones..he paid cash in the amount of what is now the current value of my '02 Honda. Gawwd.. I love him. Our upgrade will most likely be no bigger than a 2 ct, my fingers are small, and with the channel set wedding band to match- it will be too blingy for everyday wear.
    Have a great weekend ladies, and congrats to all those who are engaged as well..we're in a new club now!!
    I'm wearing the ring in this pic, which I took for him immediately!! (but it's for my bf's eyes only) heehehehee!!
  2. congrats on the engagement!
  3. Wow :biggrin: Congrats! Lovely ring.
    PS I like your hair btw!
  4. He's your fiance now! Congrats!
  5. Wow congratulations.
  6. haha i thought the third pic was hilarious! CONGRATS! wedding time =)
  7. very nice! congratulations!
  8. Gorgeous ring...congrats
  9. aww, thank you sweetie!
  10. LOL! Ohh yeahh, I forgot!
  11. :smile: heh heh! we're silly..
  12. Congratulations!
    The ring is beautiful.

    BTW is that your dog on your avatar? It's so cute.
  13. Congrats! The ring is beautiful!
  14. CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement AND the gorgeous ring!!! :yahoo:
  15. :nuts: That is beautiful!:heart: Congratulations.:supacool: