My ticket into the INK club!

  1. I've been really wanting something in Ink for a long time and finally I did it! I ordered an Ink Purse last week from Cultstatus and it arrived on Friday. I was pretty preoccupied here so this is the first chance I have to post some pics. I LOVE her!!! She's so gorgeous. I haven't lubed her yet, lol, so here she is in all her glorious veiny/shiny glory.:lol: Oh and pls excuse the dirty mirror!:amazed:
  2. welcome to the ink club! quite an entrance you've made with the purse! welcome! :flowers:
  3. Looks Great!! Congrats!!
  4. Now that's a pretty purse, and it looks fab on you! Congrats!
  5. welcome to the ink club!
    your purse looks great on you!
  6. ohhh~~~congrats SUE~~~!!!!the ink looks great on you!!!!
  7. Looks fab! I am glad you were able to find an ink, and that Purse looks really nice!
  8. Very cool~~~~ Congratulation!!!
  9. WOW!!!! That's a beauty! The color is sooo stunning!
  10. Yayyyy INK!! :yahoo:

    Congrats Serenity Sue, it looks great on you!!
  11. Aww, thanks guys. I just love, love, love the colour! It really changes with the lighting and amount of light. The pics of the Purse by itself were taken indoors under natural light, with flash. I adore the purplish undertones!
  12. Lub Lub Lub! BUt it already looks pretty gorgeous already! WELCOME!
  13. Serenity Sue - 0o00o0o she's beautiful!!! congrats!!!!
  14. Hi Senity Sue! We have twin bags!!!

    Congratulations! This bag is so versatile! You'll love it more everyday!
  15. serenity, congrats on your ink purse! absolutely beautiful!