My Thursday Night Surprise! **PICS**

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  1. After work today I went home and it was so gorgeous outside that DH and I decided we should go out and do something. Heading downtown to the mall seemed like the perfect thing. DH mentioned wanting to go to the Apple store and of course all I could think about was LV. After patiently watching DH wandering among the computers and laptops we headed upstairs to my favorite place.

    Unfortunately, my SA had just left for the day. There was a lovely new girl working and she put up with my indecision as I looked over the various wallets. I was able to check out the various RP joke bags. I was hoping they would have the Duderanch because I wanted to see in person how massive it is. :P

    As I was enthralled among the new bags (metallic mahina, galleria gm, monty pm and gm). DH snuck off to the register and purchased a little something-something. :graucho: I didn't realize what had happened until we were walking out of the boutique.

    Turns out that he had planned this out in advance and spoken with my SA this morning about putting something aside and ready for pick up. I was so excited! :yahoo:

    I am working on sizing for the additonal pics.
  2. cant wait to seeeeeeeee what is it
    ??? richard prince?
  3. Awww, that is so nice! I can't wait to see the pics!!

  4. Sorry if these are sized incorrectly. I am quite the computer newb. :Push:

    They are such cute earrings I am totally in LoVe with them. I was just telling DH I wanted a pair of hoops for my lower ear piercing. :yahoo: Now I just need the matching necklace. :graucho::wlae:
    Picture2.JPG Picture3.JPG Picture4.JPG Picture5.JPG
  5. oh very cute..congrats!
  6. those are toooo cute!
  7. Those are so cute. We gave them to DD for receiving high honors. I have to borrow them from her one of these days he he
  8. so cute!
  9. Very cute, congrats!
  10. Congrats, so cute! Your DH is so sweet....and sneaky! :sneaky:
  11. aww, that was so sweet of your DH to actually plan ahead and pick out something for you! congrats!
  12. How nice of your hubby! Congrats!
  13. I love your new earrings! Your DH was so sweet in planning everything out and surprising you! Congrats!!
  14. congrats
  15. Super sweet, congrats!