My thumbnail avatar blown up for Irishgal

  1. And whoever else is interested ;)
    It's my (just turned) 5 year old, in sequential order.
    The laughing one is so -pure- hysterical I love it.
    salgal.jpg salgal2.jpg salgal3.jpg
  2. Wow...what a beauty she is! Like mother, like daughter :flowers:
  3. Winona, your daughter is so pretty!!! What a darling she is! So full of character and too cute! Such a joy to behold:smile:)
  4. wow, such a great sense of style at such an early age!!!!
  5. She is absolutely adorable!
  6. She has the prettiest eyes!
  7. she is gorgeous! and I love her little outfit
  8. Future muse. I am telling you, this child is a doll!! Thanks Winona!!
  9. Thanks everyone. I'll show her this in the morning. She'll think it's pretty great.
    The best part about this little girl is that she's even sweeter than she looks. A true dream temperment, rational logical...she understands why no means no and wants to learn about everything. I thought I was the most amazing parent doing everything right... and then I had my son!! *HA!* She's just her.
    Glad to be able to share!
  10. Goodness, she is just gorgeous! And her style is amazing!!!!!!!! I only hope to have a daughter as cute and wonderful as yours :love:
  11. She's so cute. She has great style, just like her momma.
  12. Yes, isn't it amazing? They are born with their personalities pretty set, aren't they? She has great character and style!
  13. She is adorable! My baby girl will be 5 next week. Oh where does the time go?????
  14. Mimi, That was a "girls day" she always picks out a dress. We found that dress while I was picking through a vintage store, it reminded me of a child's version of an Anna Sui dress, and it reminded her of "Mexico" which was a little more direct.
    I love her patent red clogs, I wish I had a pair, they may not be as cute on my feet though.
  15. Becca- She turned 5 on the 15th! Amazing how it does fly. They learn and grow exponentially on a monthly basis.