My throat feels like it's burning

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  1. Does anyone get anything similar? It seems to happen more during the afternoons when I'm at work.

    Drinking water doesn't really relieve it and I don't really think it's something worth going to the doctors with, so I just thought I'd ask here if anyone had any ideas!
  2. I am getting that now, and water does not help me either. I figure it's from the change of season that is starting to happen, might be a spore or a mold in the air.
  3. I don't really get that, but right now I do have a sore throat from a cold. Ugh, I'm really agitated. I hardly ever get sick. :sad:!
  4. It sounds like allergies to me.

    Maybe your work A/C system is kicking in and stirring up dusts and molds that are irritating your throat.
  5. it might be allergies or that you are getting a cold. It just happened to me, I always have vitamin C drops or I squezzed a lime in a spoon and pour it down my throat everytime so I wont get sick.
  6. I thought it was allergies when I felt a burning sensation in my throat but my doctor told me it was indigestion. I don't believe her. lol.

  7. I think this might be right actually, thinking about it! Throughout the rest of the evening I felt like I wanted to burp, but every time I tried it just made the burning worse :sad:

    (sorry if that's TMI!)
  8. ^^^sounds like acid reflux. Try pepcid ac.
  9. I get this a lot with allergies. It might be worth checking in with your doc if an OTC anti allergy doesn't work.
  10. Usually I get this along with a slightly runny nose.
    What always makes me feel better is gargling.
  11. Yep, I second this. Acid reflux. I always got the burping along with mine.
  12. I get that, only because I am alergic to dairy products.
    Do you know anything that you have eaten that you might be alergic to?