my three new chanels..but....

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  1. Hi,

    just recently purchase 3 new chanels to my collection

    - luxe bowler in black in aged calfskin ( size, i guess in medium, but to me its small, not sure)
    - classic long wallet
    - black chanel purse in cruise collection..not sure whats the name...does anyone know the actual name?

    here are the pics...
    BUT what's bugging me is not sure whether to return back the one in the cruise collection and wait for the next spring '07 collection or just keep it....pls help...need some advice..

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  2. Yeah, that's the Med Bowler, the small is shaped more like a taco:yes: The Med isn't very big, big enough I think though, but this is normal w/ Chanel IMO. Like the Cambon Ligne, the Medium Tote seemed really small to me, not 'Medium' so much.

    If you're having 2nd thoughts at all, I'd return it.
  3. i agree with swanky. wheni have second thoughts i know that really means "send it back". either you are crazy about it or you're not, ya know?
  4. :drool: luxe bowler :drool:
  5. Love the bowler and wallet.
  6. THE BOWLER :drool::graucho:
  7. thanks everyone...i think i will take it back...but what do you all think about it, does it not look nice? need honest opinion...
  8. I was just looking at that bag! It's gorgeous, but I also wasn't sure, so it's on hold for me till next week... but I think I am going to gamble that something better will come in the spring.

    I was told it was called a "classic" because it is a Cruise variation of the GST. I loved the longer chain, which works over a heavy winter coat for me. I love the leather and the I love the big size. I don't know why I didn't grab it... but something was telling me it wasn't the bag for me. :shrugs:
  9. I love that Cruise bag! What is the leather like in real time? Patent, calf or lambskin? It looks like the $1995 version in Nordstrom's Cruise collection.
  10. They are gorgeous.
  11. thanks Jayne1...i also loved the size & long chains but at the same time thinking about the next collection.. i can't get another one if i do decided to keep this.. might have to gamble like you & wait for the new collection next month..i'm sure it gonna be a good...
  12. how much does the cruise bag retail for? it's really cute... how much can it fit?
  13. it's calf...that's what the SA told me...but it comes in patent as well ...not sure if it comes in lambskin...
  14. Wow, if it comes in blue I might just buy it if I can't find a baby Cabas. What store did you purchase it from?
  15. it costs me abt £1120 including tax...i would say it can fit a fair has two compartments each side..similar to the petit shopper tote..