My three new bags and a question regarding the Passy


Bring back eLuxury!
Dec 19, 2005
,Location, Location!
Well I just had to splurge during Cyber Monday. I could not resist 8% off, no sales tax, and free shipping so I made the plunge on a black passy Pm, canelle segur Pm black turenne Pm, and a canelle jasmin (not pictured). I felt bad about having 4 bags so I will be giving the canelle jasmin as a christmas gift.

*Regarding the passy, is the front suppose to be "bubbly"?

Well here are the crappy pictures.I need to invest in a tripod!

I told myself no more bags for the rest of the year! Hopefully I will keep my word as I have to save to furnish my new home under construction! I am so excited :yahoo:


Texas Girl

Jul 21, 2006
Pretty bags! The passy I looked at last week in the boutique looked just like yours with the waves in the leather. I guess some of them do that until you carry it and let the leather soften up a bit. Wow, enjoy all those gorgeous bags!


Looking for Evelyne
Apr 3, 2006
Land of the Long White Cloud
Wow, now that's a purhase! Love all the bags. Regarding the Passy, I tried on the GM ages ago, but I remember that the Epi leather was very soft (compared with the other Epi bags I tried). Can't remember if it bubbled, sorry, but with the soft leather I wouldn't be surprised.