My three eBay items arrived

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  1. I got a gorgeous Hamptons Weekend Nylon Hobo in black (from a fellow tPF-er....and it's GORGEOUS and in perfect condition) and two charms (one modeled by my black Bleecker that came earlier this week). I wish I was better at taking pictures because the Hamptons bag is beautiful ...shiny and perfect with pretty blue lining.

    Also, I LOVE these punctuation charms. I may buy two more so I can put them on both bags at the same time....for the whole ?! look :lol:
    P1100385.JPG P1100387.JPG P1100391.JPG P1100394.JPG
  2. congragulations, your bags are beautiful, the whole ?! is funny but so original too.
  3. Congrats on some great choices!! Enjoy!
  4. :nuts:Great finds girl!! Isnt e-bay cool sometimes!!!:tup:
  5. Congrats! I love eBay, especially when it is from another tpf'er! :tup:
  6. Congrats on your new bags! I think I'm gonna end up with that bleecker yet :love:

    I love your ?! idea, very cute :yes:
  7. I have the hamptons weekend nylon hobo too (in both sizes):shame: and love them. Except I haven't been using the small one too often so I may sell her. :sad: However mine is the gold hardware and looks like yours is silver, the newer version. I carry the large one every single day. It's easy to clean, and I don't have to be scared that it will get dirty or rip. Plus I work in childcare and don't want to bring one of my leather ones. Enjoy your new purchases!
  8. LMAO!!!
  9. hehe Judging from the reactions, I suppose I should go for it w/ another "!" and "?" heheh

    :flowers: Thanks for the great feedback!
  10. Great finds Voodoo!! I love the charms:smile:
  11. I am loving your new bags..congrats!!
  12. oh no hamptons weekend stuff! i'm jealous.......!? that is cute to put them together!
  13. I love them! And the ?! charms are toooo funny!
  14. Pretty!!!! I like the ? ! too!! I think I want to get the letters W T F :yes:
  15. Love the "?!" idea! Congrats!!