My threads search

  1. Could we possibly get either the find all threads by XXX on the profile page or the my threads option back again.

    I find it really useful and I am lost without it

  2. Vlad will look into it, but possibly not. That option was being used way too much and really bogged down our servers and caused a ton of down time :yes:
  3. I really want this back b/c there is no other way to find threads that you've started. It especially needed for the MP.
  4. actually, you can click on Search > choose Advanced Search and choose to find all threads started by anyone:yes:
  5. ^^ What she said :yes:
  6. Thanks Megs & Swanky I prefer the old option as it's a liitle faster (LOL how lazy am I!) but if the trade off is TPF down time no thanks.

    Thank you for check though I really appreciate the reply