My thoughts on the Anna Corinna mini city

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  1. I love this bag. Mostly. First the good things: it's incredibly light; my small Chameleon Insert is a perfect fit; it goes with everything. Now the bad: it does feel cheap; the leather feels rough and papery; the workmanship is not worth $360+ (I paid $288, but it still hurts a little).

    As crazy as it sounds, I'm not going to return it and am actually thinking about getting another one in a different color. This is my perfect bum around on the weekend bag, but still looks good enough to use for going out. The color I have is pearl - it's technically a metallic, but subtle enough for me to consider it a neutral. It looks glaring white in some photos, but it's actually a soft greyish-blue hue of white. I like how it looks folded, but I also think it looks nice unfolded. In summer clothes, I can fit the double handles on my shoulder, but doubt I'll carry it that way because it would place the bag right into my armpit.

    I can think of some quality-wise aspects I'd like to change about the bag, but all in all, I think it'll last quite some time. The bag's perfectly fine after getting some dings and softened up a bit after I conditioned it so I think it will continue to age well. It's so handy and the various pockets make organization really convenient. The light weight makes it perfect for the weekend too, especially after carrying my stupid, fully-loaded Venetia all day. Note to self - Venetia does not go shopping with you!
    AC_front.JPG AC_mini_folded.JPG AC_mini_shoulder.JPG AC_interior.JPG
  2. Nice bag! The colour is nice for S/S too. Why you want to get another since you think the workmanship doesnt match up with the pricing? :sweatdrop:
  3. Halocom, I just got my butterscotch mini city today! How did you condition the leather? I actually like the feel of the leather but I'd be interested to hear what you did to condition it. I think I love the bag! My only issue with it (I was only able to take it out for 15 minutes because it came late this afternoon) is the gold hardware on it. It's so shiny that it looks a little cheesy to me. I was very pleasantly surprised to see that it could go on my shoulder without the shoulder strap if necessary. And you are right, it's light as a feather! Anyway, enjoy your new bag!!!
  4. nocturne76 - it's because I need my head examined. No, actually I have a pebbled black leather Jet Setter Jr. and the leather on that is divine. My mini city is actually perfectly cut and stitched, but for a canvas interior and no dust bag...yeah, it's way overpriced. I can also see how the unfinished edges would drive some people batty. Oh, and did I mention I need my head examined?!

    cgsprings!!! I was hoping you were around. I think the metallic coating does something to the leather that changes the texture. I used Apple Guard on the whole bag, then did the handles, strap and zipper pulls with LMB For Handles Only. I know what you mean about the shiny gold - it irks me a little too. Can you describe the butterscotch color? Is it pretty neutral? And please post a pic if you can! Enjoy your new mini too!!
  5. halocom,

    Please show pix of how the Jet Setter Jr. looks on you. I've been very hesitant to purchase it because I was afraid it might look to large on my frame. TIA!
  6. I really love the color of the butterscotch and I have to say that I love the way the leather feels. I also ordered the Chameleon (for the A.C. drawstring hobo which arrived yesterday). I wasn't thinking of it for the mini city but it looks like a great fit. Do you find the zippers on the mini city a little sticky? I think I'm going to enjoy breaking it in but I have another thread going on but I don't know how to attach it here. It's called Help my head is spinning. If you look at it, you will see my "suffering"

    P.S. I just looked at the pics again and the color is much prettier than it shows (bad me: dirty mirrors!!!)
    IMG_0280.jpg IMG_0269.jpg IMG_0268.jpg
  7. BrownPaperBag - here's the Jet Setter Jr. I love this bag. It's the biggest one I own though. I didn't like it at first due to the size, but was too embarrassed to return it because Luna Boston special ordered it for me. I'm so glad I kept it - perfect for work. For reference I'm 5'5" (I took one pic in flats and one in heels).
    JSJ_full_flats.JPG JSJ_full_heels.JPG JSJ_closeup.JPG
  8. The Jetsetter jr. looks great on you!! So, what is your bottom-line thought on the quality of AC handbags?
  9. halocom,

    Soooooooooo cute!!! It looks really good on you! I really like simplicity of the bag.

    Thanks for snapping these pics for me. I really do appreciate it. And I apologize for going off topic. :blush:
  10. Nice bags ladies! halocom, your Jet Setter Jr. looks great on you, luckily you didnt return it!

    i like how the mini city looks on you ladies without the strap. nonetheless, it looks awesome with the strap too!
  11. cgsprings: I gotta admit - I'm a LV epi/suhali girl at heart so my expectations are set a bit high. I also love Botkier, Ani and Marc Jacobs and would have to say that AC is at the bottom of the list in terms of quality. But they aren't bad bags. And for me, the functionality makes up for some of the shortcomings - I love that every bag has an outside zippered pocket for my work ID/metrocard and it's great that the bags are, for the most part, lightweight.

    I'm going to reserve final judgement until I've had them longer, but if they age well, I'll probably end up buying one more unless they increase the price again. And no matter what, I wouldn't buy one at full price.
  12. You know, I have marc jacobs too but I like the Anna Corinna more. I love the light weight of both the hobo and mini city. Is the jet set jr also light? Even Botkier is heavier by far. I have to mention that not all ac bags have outside pockets: the hobo has NO pockets at all!We will have to check back with eachother to see if we like our bags more and more or the opposite!
  13. BrownPaperBag - I've gone bag crazy in the past few months and the Jet Setter Jr. is one of my favorites. I think the turnlocks are an especially nice touch on that particular bag.

    nocturne76 - you're absolutely right; I'm so glad I didn't return! I wanted a black shoulder bag for work (I'd been using a black canvas messenger bag) and this AC turned out to be perfect. (Even though I said mean things about AC in my first post. :p )

    cgsprings - yes!!! the light weight of AC bags is awesome. I used my MJ venetia today and it just about killed my arms/shoulders. I still adore the look of MJ, but will definitely be using the AC bags a lot more. In fact, I sold all of my MJs and just bought the one dream bag - almond venetia. The Jet Setter Jr. is surprisingly light, despite it's size. That alone makes it a perfect work bag for me.
  14. Halocom, please don't lose patience with me. One minute I'm thinking about returning it the next minute I think I could never part with it and I will have it forever... maybe my head will be clearer tomorrow! Even I realise this indecision is ridiculous - The decision to marry my husband was easier than this!!!
  15. Halocom- where did you sell your MJ bags? I've been trying to sell or swap some of my bags (Fendi, Prada, Gucci, etc...) but have only sold a few. I don't want to deal with eBay and it's going to be months before I am eligible to sell the bags on this site.

    Sorry for the tangent!

    These bags look great!!