My thoughts on Sac De Jour with Smooth Leather

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  1. I got Sac De Jour in black smooth leather a while ago. I did panic a little bit for the easy-scratch assumption. So I talked to many people who own the same leather for feedback and use the bag several times. Here are my thoughts (Plz notice that I am talking about my 2016 version. I know they change the leather these years):

    • The quality of the leather is durable than I thought. Not get scratch easily at all if you just be careful a little bit. I compare with Chole Faye, SDJ has a much durable smooth leather.
    • Put leather protector before the first use will help. I use Cadillac and Collonil Carbon Pro. Works great. Also help preventing colour transfer. But stay away from darker jeans if you got the light colour.
    • Wrap the handle - personalize your purse and give a good protection. Handle is most likely got the scratch, especially for someone has long nail.
    I do think the smooth leather of SDJ with a good quality. Go for it if you like the look. However, it may not suit for a very busy life style.
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  2. Completely agree with you on these points. Mine, given it is smooth leather, is amazingly more durable than I expected!
    Ive also learned a hard lesson the handle >< it has a tiny scratch likely due to me grabbing it in a hurry to work one day :sad:
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  3. hi everyone,im newbie here....I got BDJ clutch couple years ago and dont have any issue with the quality except mine has been color transfered since mine is patent leather.But for now i am really confused, i just purchased a Saint Laurent SDJ in Smooth leather and the color is Turquoise.I was offered SDJ in mint green ,but then i decided to go with the turquoise.Should i keep it or is not going to last?i want it to be versatile and timeless but i have never owned any bright color bag before.My one and only red bag i got is a chanel flap bag, and the rest are mostly black/brown bags.And any tips what to wear with such a bright color SDJ like mine?Thankyou so much in advance
  4. The smooth leather nano I received from Saks...Just feel sorry for the craftsmanship wasted on it. Returned it today : (
  5. I love the color, and I think a pop of color looks great when you're wearing neutral or contrasting colors. This bag would look beautiful if you're wearing a white top with jeans, IMO. I think it would also look nice with a black outfit, or a light colored summer outfit. Congratulations on the bag!
  6. The smoothe leather is amazing
  7. Hi! Do you think the red smooth leather would have colour transfer if I wear it with jeans?
  8. oh no! that looks awful :S