My thoughts on LV ;)


Nov 1, 2010
Hi Everyone,
First I should explain that I made my first purchase of LV products for Valentine's Day. I pretty much was a Coach purchaser, but always ended up selling them on Ebay or returning them to Coach. I heard about LV a few years ago and of course, thought, no way would I ever spend that much money on a handbag. But as time when on and I kept reading about the quality of LV, I got the urge a couple of years ago and finally made my first purchase a couple of months ago. So in the last 2 months I ended up purchasing a Mono Speedy 30, Mono small Zippy wallet, Mono mini Agenda, white colorful Key Holder, LV Charm and a small Luggage tag. WOW, like it sounds like I went on a nut hahaha. Anyways, the quality of their products is unbelievable, they are made soo good, I feel everything I purchased is worth every penny I spent. I personally was looking for quality, I could have cared less, who made the product, just as long as the quality was there. I try to be very careful with what I spend and I only own one handbag set, and that is it (my Speedy 30.). Sold my other bag when I purchased my LV Speedy. I've had 2 small issues, first I ordered the Vernis Agenda, which broke in 20 minutes of receiving the product, returned that with no problem at all and exchanged it for the mini, which is the one I wanted in the first place anyways. Second, my Zippy Wallet on one side was getting really dull and the lettering was rubbing off, sent this in on Tuesday and just received a call that they I may have touched it by accident with alcohol or something similar but since it is soo new, they are going to replace it and I should get my new one on Monday or Tuesday, now I did write a very nice letter when I returned the wallet and explained that I may have did this in error with hand cream or who knows, or it may have been a defect in manufacturing, but I would like to get my item repaired or replaced, whichever they felt appropriate. So my experience with LV has been over and above fabulous. I can honestly say, I will probably be a LV fan forever ;) I luv my purchases and am not sorry for one thing that I got, I don't think LV handbags are actually the prettiest things in the whole, I call my Speedy 'Miss Piggy," kinda looks like a pig to me haha lil tail on one end, lock in the snout and big pop belly :smile: but I sure do luv it, no matter how ugly it is ;) So LV is my number one brand for quality handbag's & accessories.
Sorry this was soo long, just kinda felt like blabbing and bragging about my Speedy this afternoon ;)


Jan 11, 2008
Have you looked through the FAQ threads? You will find some handy tips - like spraying the vachetta with protect spray to keep it from getting dirty / spills - and also not using hand creams / sanitisers then touching your things!!

Glad to hear that overall you are happy though!
Feb 28, 2010
I'd also have to say that LV's customer service is awesome. I returned a bag that had a problem with the handles peeling and the SA replaced it immediately with no questions asked. The SAs in Cologne (Germany) store were very friendly, unlike in some high end department stores. The SAs were very helpful. When I wanted to buy the Speedy and Eva, I asked the SA to bring me out so many things I wanted to see and they did it without complaining/excuses. They even went to the door and opened it for me when I got out the shop! It was really a nice experience shopping there.
I used to be a customer of Prada, Miu Miu and Celine so before, I never would have thought of buying LV's stuff because I was put off by so many fakes out there. But seriously, when you are in the shop seeing all the things they have there, no matter what kind of fakes you see on the street they can't compare to the authentic ones. After owning only 2 LV bags I immediately can tell the fake ones just by looking even though I'm not an expert yet. You really can see the quality with a naked eye.

Frenchie D.

Dec 9, 2010
I got my first few LV items as gifts when I was a student and was not thrilled. But I changed my mind once I started using them. Nowdays I prefer LV bags to others and they are my first choice in terms of brands. What I like most is the canvas. I'm not really into leather these days and don't have many leather bags overall. I like the durability of the canvas and how nicely it ages.

I'm glad you are enjoying your new LVoe :happydance:


Mar 10, 2007
I've seen many threads on here about poor service and bad SAs but other than LV making it difficult for Canadians who don't live near a boutique to buy their products, I have had only good experiences! So far I haven't run into a rude SA or had a problem with any of my bags.
I adore the quality and I think every company should take such pride and care with their craftsmanship.