My thoughts after carrying my new Cotton Carly for a week..

  1. Well I've carried my new large Chocolate Carly for about a week now and I just wanted to give my report.

    First off, I don't think this bag knows how to look bad. It slouches a lot and looks gorgeous anyway you're wearing it! I don't carry too too much in it but I think the hardware puts some weight on it but not so much where it hurts your back. It's actually a good weight and I carried it on my shoulder in Harvard Square one afternoon and didn't come home with bad shoulder pains I tend to get with larger bags.

    It's GREAT in the rain I have discovered today. We had a really rainy windy morning here and my umbrella wasn't protecting my bag as well as it should. Fortunately the rain just rolled off my bag. It was kinda cool actually!

    It's also very roomy without taking away that yummy slouch. I put my lunch in it today plus a Vitamin Water and it looked like I hadn't put more stuff in it at all. This bag can hold a TON without looking bulky!

    All in all I love the new Cotton Carly! It's not obnoxiously huge, it's comfortable as hell on your shoulder, and I don't have to be anal about using it because I've put it thru a lot this week and there's not a stain or mark on it! It's actually nice to not have to worry about every little thing like I had to with my Legacy leather. @_@
  2. ^^That's great to know!! Do you have a modeling pict? I'm currently debating either that or the demi. But from your avatar I know I want it in brown and white!
  3. You're enabling me.. BAD!
  4. I just searched and saw the bag on you, you look great in it! I think I'm going to forget the demi and go for the carly!
  5. awesome do you have anymore pics?
  6. I've been wondering about whether or not to get a Carly, and you're convincing me!

    Thanks so much for the report and for all the pics in the other thread. You're a fantastic enabler!
  7. lol you're welcome! I think this is the first "big" bag that I actualyl don't mind carrying around all day. ;)
  8. Is it prone getting dirty?
  9. I have yet to get a spec of dirt on it. It came with a sheet that said it's been water and stain treated. So far the water thing is holding true, drops of water just pour off it! I don't know if I've carried it long enough to really test the dirty part of it tho. ;)
  10. That is a beautiful bag! I really want a Carly.:yes:
  11. The dirt was my biggest fear about this bag and the reason I was leaning toward the denim. Now........ geez, I didn't know it was treated!!! SO COOL!! Thanks so much for the report - I really want it now.
  12. Im so happy to know this bag can with stand New England weather.
    I am now very tempted to buy it!
  13. I am so glad to hear that the cotton is water repellent. I ordered a large denim Carly and it's good to know it can go out in the rain. Enjoy your new bag and keep us posted on the dirt resistance factor.
  14. Oh y'all are sooo bad. Now I really am going to go buy one. LOL
  15. Seriously.. enough of this, don't make it sound any better. LOL I have been THIS close to calling and ordering one in denim. I have to keep telling myself that I don't NEED another bag. I just don't. I have a feeling I'll be losing this battle. :smile: