My thoughts about this.

  1. I am new to this forum and as I was reading some of the postings from members in this forum and I thought I would just put down my comment here.

    I am not being bias but my thought was how can this be so 100% certain that by looking at the pictures and right away a decision is made as to whether the purse is authentic or not. I have no doubt that through years of experience by some members here they can tell just by looking at the pictures and made a comment immediately. My doubt here is how can we indeed trust these comments to be unbias.

    Someone said here that all Chanel purses has "Made in X" embosed inside. However, I looked into a few Chanel purses listed on eBay but there is simply no consistency. For example, take a look at this listing:
    It doesn't indicated "Made in X" and the purse is to my understanding is a vintage one.

    Another good example is someone claimed that the purse does not have the leather attached to the zipper doesn't seem to be authentic. I think throughout the years of usage, some of the leather attachment on the purse is of course worn and could be detached.

    Shouldn't we all exercise our own discrection as quite frankly I think to be backed by 100% with consistency of the information (without E & OE) in legal perspective, I would believe that we all should exercise our discrection in filtering out the information (particularly in this Information Highwa). Afterall, even from the reading of some of the postings, we don't even know (even from checking with Chanel Boutique) on the consistency on some of the pieces of information.

    On a safe guard, I suggest that to avoid hassels, simply go to your local Chanel Boutique to purchase one. It may be more expensive to pay the full retail price but the long-term benefit is you saved all the hassels.
  2. I agree with this statement. It's the only way to be 100% sure. Unfortunately for many people there isn't a Chanel boutique nearby they can simply pop into to buy whatever their heart desires and so eBay is the only option. Or some people are looking for bags that are retired and no longer sold by Chanel, again eBay is the only option.

    Are the opinions of the authenticators on this forum biased? I don't think so. However, it is an OPINION based on their experience as collectors of Chanel and the people requesting an authentication should consider that it is an opinion (based on experience) and not a fact of authentication.
  3. I can certainly understand your prospective, however I also understand the other side too. BTW, I am not a person who authenticates here. Personally, I think the best answer here is for anyone who agrees with you to just not post in the "autenticate this" thread.
  4. Yes. If you buy directly from Chanel of course its 100% authentic but not all of us have that option wether its location, price, etc.

    We're all adults & have our own internal gadges as to wether or not we feel comfortable buying on eBay or trusting those on TPF who authenticate.

    I have purchased all of my Chanels on eBay & have never once been scammed. All of my bags are immediately authenticated by Chanel in Boston.

    If you don't feel comfortable buying on eBay than don't. But for a lot of us it works great.
  5. The authentication forum is very helpful to so many. And I think we all realize the people who authenticate give THEIR OPINION on the bag. We can take it or leave it.
  6. here's my opinion. . .
    thank goodness there's a few girls who are knowledgable enough and generous enough w/ their time to give their unbiased opinions! LOVE the girls that check the Authenticate This! Chanel often, they should be applauded.

    I also completely agree w/ Mon and Rai.
    Right on!:rochard:
  7. HERE HERE:tup:
    I am one of those with no boutique or department stores that sell Chanel in my ENTIRE state!! I appreciate those who give their time to share their educated OPINION on authenticity.. and I know that ultimately it is MY decision what to do with that opinion!! I would never even CONSIDER purchasing a high end item without checking it with several people experienced in that item....and I also know that we are all human and can make mistakes.... so I take that into consideration.

    Ebay also is a great outlet for someone like myself to also sell quality merchandise that I know longer wish to keep and hopefully redeem enough of the value to help fund another purchase while giving the purchaser a great item at a potentially good deal. There is little to no resale options for high end merchandise where I live, so unless I wish to donate my item somewhere ebay is probably the source I will use in the future!

  8. ITA w/Swanky! A big thank you goes out to all the girls who are generous enough to devote their time to help out other pfers. :heart:

    Basically, if it's too good to be true, there's something wrong. A brand new authentic Chanel is not going to sell for 300.00.
  9. it's all good:yes:
    there's CLEARLY a market for preowned luxe goods.
    It's awesome some people have a keen eye to help discern the counterfeit from the authentic.

    Some people would never buy brand new, and others refuse to buy re-sells. . .
    Wish I was more willing to buy pre-owned to be honest.
  10. Totally Agree! so many people would be scammed if it weren't for their hard work and experience with the details that are important and can so easily be missed.
  11. The members who give their time in helping others who have questions should be thanked heartily. I think they have saved many from being duped. Thy also have given many good suggestions. Thanks
  12. The ladies who help authenticate here should indeed be applauded! To think they spend all that time helping others as volunteers.

    Everyone knows they are offering an opinion but its an educated opinion and a much better option than flying blind. People buy online for a variety of reasons, it a free country... so why not?

    If an item is determined to the best of the authenticators ability to be fake, there is nothing to stop someone from going against the recommendation and buying anyway.

    Thanks to all the mods and authenticators!
  13. ITA with all you girls, where you need to employ some common sense when purchasing on ebay, the authentication ladies (Swanky, Nathalie, Mon et al) have really helped me in the grey areas where you are just not sure. Without their help I would not have been able to purchase two Chanel bags I couldn't find anywhere in Europe. Thank you ladies!!
  14. PS I believe that all comments not made by the sellers themselves should be considered unbiased.
  15. I think some people are quite good at looking at photos, but simply put as you said, eBay will ALWAYS be somewhat of a risk.

    I think there are ways to minimize that risk, but all in all, I choose not to use eBay. It isn't worth it for me personally.