My THIRD time purchasing and I still don't use it...what would you do?

  1. Ok, so this is my third time buying the gorgeous Emp. Artsy in Aube and I still don't use it!! The first time I purchased when it first came out!! The second time I purchased after the price increased. Both brand new. The third time I purchased pre owned but in excellent condition. (Got it authenticated by Carol diva, of course) it is just sitting in my closet AGAIN!!!!!! It is my favorite color but it's too expensive for it not to be used....what would you do?
  2. Use it! Haha it's as simple as that IMO :smile: it's gorgeous!
  3. Use it when you go out for dinner or get invited in a special event. I can understand because the bag is stunning and dressy. Don't sell it as this is your fav. I hardly use my Chanel pst because of this same reason. Sometime I think I should sell it but then after selling I might want it back :smile:
  4. Pls use that bag it's absolutely beautiful!!

  5. Haha, I really wish it was as simple as that!! Lol! I did the same thing with the gorgeous Azur Stresa!!!! Finally let it go...and haven't looked back since!!
  6. I bought this exact bag today, after much deliberation including Aurore, Infini, Neige and Monogram. I can't wait to use my Aube tomorrow for work!!
  7. I specifically bought it a third time after watching a YouTube video by ellyptical!!!!!! It just looked soooooo beautiful on her!!! I had sold most of my LV collection and started buying Chanel but this one......I just adore
  8. I think maybe start by taking her out on special occasions ? Sounds like dating advice lol! But there must be something special about this one for you to buy it back so many times. Honestly, it's absolutely beautiful. What's stopping you from using it?

  9. Did you do a reveal?
  10. USE the gorgeous bag!!!!!!!
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  11. Well.... if 3 times is NOT a charm I would let it go and don't buy it again... LOL. That being said, it is a really beautiful bag but you are correct, it does need to be in use. Why do you think you are using it? I get where you are coming from, because I have owned bags that I like to look at more than I like to carry....
  12. She is a little big for special occasions in my opinion but I told myself I would use her when I travel....however, my FAVORITE purse to use when traveling is the first LV I ever epi backpack. Don't remember the name but she is sooooooo comfortable. Now as far as looks she can't compare to my Aube Artsy!!!! Very few bags can compare in looks!!!
    Here is my workhorse... ImageUploadedByPurseForum1390768246.457042.jpg
  13. you obviously love this bag if you've purchased it three different times. so the question is: what is keeping you from using it? it's absolutely gorgeous! i think that color would look great as an accent if you wore navy, brown, gray, black, tan and of course, most purples and pinks.
  14. No, I can't load up pics on my iPad. But I don't need to - your one is identical!

    I see the Artsy as a lovely hobo bag, so I would use mine at every available opportunity - even going to the supermarket! The Empreinte leather is very hard wearing, my Aurore Speedy comes out in rain or shine and looks fab! A lovely pop of colour on a grey day!

  15. Maybe it's the weight....I really don't know!!