My third Speedy~

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  1. Yesterday I got my third speedy, damier 30.
    I really liked to carry azure this summer, so I decide to have dark color for winter.

    I bought at holt toronto.
    One thing I was surprised that price went down.

    I paid $670 on March this year but yeaterday price was $620.
  2. really? where did you pay 670? that seems a bit high for the speedy 30, ive never seen it that high
  3. Congrats. I hope to have that bag by early next year. Enjoy your speedy family!
  4. oh.....CONGRATS as well.
  5. Oh~
    That price is canadian. :p
  6. congrats! i love my damier speedy
  7. Congrats! I love the damier speedy ... actually using mine right now ... aren't they gorgeous!
  8. Nice Speedy family... next Speedy: Mirage? :graucho:

  9. Great Speedy collection!!!
  10. I love your Speedy collection...I have both the cerises and damier on my wish list.
  11. LVOE the Damier speedy! wear it in good health:smile:
  12. you are speedy addicted
  13. congrats! they look like a happy speedy family

  14. congrats!! :biggrin:
  15. Congrats!!! I love the speedy, too! I have 4.