My third reveal...

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  1. Walked into Chanel randomly today... didn't expect to purchase anything, but my mom saw this cute bag she thought will make a nice everyday bag... so here's what she picked up.

    PS. I saw a m/l patent red chaveron flap, the color is super gorgeous IRL.
    Also many other s/s collections are on display... nothing really caught my eye though.

  2. *twiddles fingers in anticipation* :nuts:
  3. ooooooooooooo a live one! "as if" to expect not to buy something :smile:
  4. I'm here!!!!!!
  5. OOO a live one!!! I just got home Can't wait!

    PS i was in 2 chanel stores today! Didn't buy but this will satisfy my craving!
  6. :whistle:
  7. :popcorn: anyone care for some?
  8. My first live reveal! ^^ I'll take some! :popcorn:
  9. ^:drinks: Care for a beer to go with the popcorn?
  10. can u guess what it is?
  11. :drinkup: Martini for me!
  12. Camera Bag?
  13. Navy classic camera bag?
  14. I agree, I think it's also Navy!
  15. Take it off! Strip, Strip, Strip!