My "Therapy" Session


Mar 25, 2009
Well here some of my first designer handbag. That's was several years ago. What does most 16 years old carried? Juicy Couture Baby Fluff Bag, of course :yahoo: Also the Juicy Couture Leather bag.. Juicy Couture dont make handbag like they use to.. Also one Dooney and Bourke

Anyone want to help me how to post up the pic bigger instead of posting them up as thumbnails?


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Mar 25, 2009
Since I was young and didnt a jobs.. So there's really no money for expensive handbag at time.. Beside I'm a late bloomer.. I wasn't really interested in bag until recently.. Now fast forward to me at 19-20.

My Coach Collection

Pic 1- Coach Hampton Madeline

Pic 2 - Coach Heritage Stripe XL Satchel.. I love this bag since there are 2 zipper compartment since I can be more organized.. I can fit a lot in here.

Pic 3 - Coach Vintage Hampton Lindsay Satchel


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Mar 25, 2009
Now this is when I'm really got into handbag, which was last Winter.. I been buy bag ever since..

Pic 1 - Gucci Medium Chain Horsebit.. It was my first Gucci and my Christmas present to myself

Pic 2 - Burberry Haymarket Satchel

Pic 3 - Louis Vuitton Monogram Neverfull MM

Pic 4 - Louis Vuitton Watercolor Speedy 35.. I was really excited about this Speedy since it was my first Speedy.. I found it on ebay for a really good price which were not overpriced and in mint condition..

Pic 5 - Miu Miu Impuranto Hawaii Limited Edition.... I got it as a gift.. Lovethe pink.. I love it even more since there only 50 in the world, there not a big chance walking some where there will be another person carrying it.. The leather on this bag are to TDF


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Mar 25, 2009
Some of you guys might question why I named my showcase 'Therapy Session'.. What does most female do when they are happy, unhappy, sad, angry, or whatsever reason? They go SHOPPING of course to make them happy..:yahoo:I got the name from my DB since everytime I get a new handbag, he will say "You must got back from your therapy session." His reasoning? Buying a new bag, make me very happy.. I'm alwayz on a quest for a new bag.. However, ever since I joined TPF, I need more therapy time.. :graucho:

Enough said here is some more accessories I have.. Thank you for checking out my collection..

Pic 1 - Coach Heritage Stripe Tattersall 6x8 Agenda. My 1st Coach's agenda.. Love the tattersall pattern on there

pic 2 - Coach Hampton Turnlock 4x6 Agenda

Pic 3 - Coach Madison Card Wallet.. Love the pink. I got it the outlet for 20 something.. Such a steal

Pic 4 - Coach Checkbook Wallet


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Mar 25, 2009
Here is some more Louis Vuitton items..

Pic 1 - Louis Vuitton Monogram Agenda PM

Pic 2 - Louis Vuitton Groom Agenda.. :love:I'm so bad at this, but I have not use the agenda since I got it.. I'm afraid the paint will scratch off.. :sThe red are so lovely on there. I'm on a quest to find the matching wallet, but still no luck..:crybaby:

Pic 3 - Louis Vuitton Playing Cards.. Yet another item not use.. I got it as a gift.. I dont really play cards so it just sitting there for decoration..

Pic 4 - Louis Vuitton Sophie Pochette.. My first clutch ever.. I dont use it often.. I'm still trying to figure out how to fit my whole life in there..

Pic 5 - Louis Vuitton Multicolore Cles. Again another item not use.. Afraid the paint will rub off and the vachetta turn really dark.. I dont have any Louis Vuitton item to match it to yet..:graucho:


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