My theory on choosing the best 'neutral' colour for a bag

  1. I have decided retrospectively that my theory on choosing the 'best' neutral colour for a bag is to choose a colour that matches you rather than your clothes or jewellery etc. I mean to base the colour on your hair or eyes, maybe even skin-tone or colour and I wondered if it has applied to any of you ladies out there?

    I am lucky enough to have a Kelly and a Picotin and I am saving hard for Birkin but that is possibly all I will be able to afford (although I would love a Bolide too) so it is important to make the right decision.

    I was so tempted to choose black as a great basic, but it turned out that for my Picotin and Kelly, I have gone for gold in both, the Kelly is in VL and is much lighter than the gold togo of my Picotin, yet both blend in well with my hair colouring and I have stopped worrying about matching them up to outfits; they are already matched to me, LOL. It wasn't a conscious decision but I just developed this idea AFTER choosing the colour and after wearing the bags.

    I just wondered if my theory applied to any of you ladies or do you think you might consider it for a future neutral choices? I wonder how many ladies with black hair have been drawn towards black Birkins or for brunettes, are you drawn towards ebene etc. What would be the perfect 'blonde' bag, caramel perhaps? Perhaps this is why Potiron seems to be able to join the 'neutral' family quite happily, it would be a great choice for a strawberry blonde.

    Of course, my theory falls down for those drawn to the brights like fuschia etc! but then these are not 'neutral' shades I suppose.

    I've obviously got far too much time on my hands to be pondering about this :smile:
  2. i'm sorry to say i don't think this theory holds. though i do love your gold bags on you!!! :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  3. though truly we are instinctively matching them ultimately to our personality i think, so in that sense they are "matching" us, it's just that it's our inside rather than our outside. lol
    sedate, sophisticated, spunky, reserved, playful, youthful, mature, etc. etc.
  4. see, i totally agree with you, allaboutnice! i was thinking the same thing - that when i finally get my kelly, there's some value in picking gold b/c it would "match" my hair, or even a blue or green to match my eyes (hazel). and IIRC, i think our lovely queen megs has decided on a blue jean birkin to match her baby blue eyes.

    i also think that with a bag this wonderful, if you really can afford to have only one, it does make a lot of sense to at least make yourself feel that it will 'match' your ensemble, no matter what you wear...or you have to decide that the bag is striking/fabulous enough that it doesn't matter, and just wear it even when it isn't a perfect match!
  5. Agree!
    To me, a neutral doesn't necessarily have to be a black or brown tone. I think rouge H Blue Jean and Potiron can work as wardrobe neutrals. Andf those shades go with my hair/coloring anyway.
  6. In the beginning of my H odyssey, I tried to match all of my bags to my coloring and stuck with only warm colors. I have very fair skin, reddish blondish hair and green eyes. So, I bought golds, potirons, vermillon, navy, black and rouge H. But, I adore Hermes orange and turquoise (both cool colors) and when I tried them, I found they both looked good with my coloring. So, the moral of my story, is that now I just listen to my heart. While there are some colors that will always look awful on me (like fuchsia, cyclamen and blue jean), I have learned to stop making so many rules!
  7. i judge neutrals on what looks best on me and what would go best with my clothing (since i pick clothing in colors that look best on me. lol). raisin for me would be a perfect neutral. i would like black or brown too but i prefer a color to be used as a go with everything bag
  8. I completely agree with your theory, allaboutnice. There are certain colors that even though I like them (as far as appreciating the color from afar), they just don't work with my coloring. I never used to believe that as far as bags were concerned (since you don't really wear them next to your face), but I was wrong. Neutrals I've eliminated because of this have been Etoupe (adore the color, but it washed me out and looked terrible on me) and Gold in certain leathers (love it in Togo, Clemence, Swift or Box, where it takes darker, but can't wear it in leathers in which it goes lighter and more yellow.)

    You are definitely on to something.:yes:
  9. Very interesting thread!!!! thinking about this, I've come to the conclusion that it's possible that we choose bag styles/colors that reflect our PERSONALITY more....KWIM?

    For example, I tried an Evelyne on and knew immediately it was wrong for me and it had nothing to do with the color. Ditto for a GP and a Fourre Tout and anything in Epsom!

    It's interesting because even the SA's will either shake their heads when I'm modeling bags or give me the thumbs up......and it's almost never the color unless it's BJ or anything bright.......

    Don't know if this makes any sense........oiy.........
  10. I choose based on my coloring as well. I'd go for brown, ebene, gold (:heart: ), or something in that family because it looks the best on me. :yes:
  11. I'm from the "Color Me Beautiful" school (remember that old beauty bible book?) that each person has a 'palette' according to season: either spring, summer, autumn or winter based on their complexion and coloring.

    There is merit to choosing, say, the right hue of red Hermes to complement the complexion. For instance, there are reds I would avoid, given my winter features (black hair, light skin but somewhat sallow undertones). I would avoid garance, vermillion but go for "neutral reds" like rouge H and rouge ViF (counteracts the sallowness).

    There was a thread discussing complexions and wearing chartreuse vs vert anis bags.
  12. I agree, but Blue Jean might look particularly good with blue eyes and Potiron I think is definitely a neutral - and would be great in you had some red tones in your hair or for strawberry blondes.
  13. I agree, I've always tended to choose clothing based on how it works with my coloring and for the bags to go with the clothes the same thing holds true.

    Some colors I just love, like Etoupe, but just make me look too washed out
  14. hee hee, I got done - I'm an Autumn, so anything dull, muddy or sludgy matches my skin :sad: ! It must have been at a formative age though - the gold is in my palette but over the years I have defaulted to wearing black clothes again.
  15. This is exactly how I choose my bags. So guess what color my hair is?