My Thanksgiving Treat!

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  1. The black patent peep toe pumps I ordered arrived early (Thanksgiving eve). I know it sounds insane but I fell in love instantly.:love: There is something about the dark patent against the red. I cannot wait to wear them. On the other hand, I don't want the pretty red sole to touch the ground. :lol: I'm crazy, I know. :girlsigh:


    My small Louboutin family (green patent pumps may be going back this weekend)

  2. Congrats! I see you have fallen in love with my most favorite Christian Louboutin shoe! I understand why you want to return the green patent, but I do not think you should let them go. They are hard to come by! See if you can exchange them for another one or get a discount.
  3. omg...those are lovely...what website did u order these from? also, do they fit tts?? thx
  4. Pwecious, the black patent with red toe are from and the black patent with silver toe are from They do run TTS.
  5. Beautiful! Congratulations! I would keep the green patent too.
  6. Hi. Did you have to pay high custome taxes and duties from those ordered from my

  7. i understand how you feel about the green patent, if i were you i wouldn't keep them because i am anal about them. for the amount of money you pay for these shoes, they have to be immaculate! i always tell my SA to give my shoes a thorough check before he ships them out, he knows me lol he'll check them and let me know their condition before i give the green light to have them shipped out! good luck let us know when you've decided! ;)
  8. Those are one of my faves. Congrats!!
  9. The Very Prive is my favorite too!
    They look great and are a classic comfy pump!
  10. They are beautiful!
  11. those are beautiful. congrats!
  12. One word...SEXY!
  13. hot!
  14. Beautiful!
  15. O my! i'm in love!! they are to die for!