My Tennis Bracelet

  1. Here are pictures of my new bezel set tennis bracelet along with my other goodies (4-prong set tennis bracelet was purchased a few years ago by my hubby for my anniversary, pink sapphire/diamond halo ring from my husband for my last birthday, and Rolex steel/gold watch I bought for myself for working so hard). The bezel tennis bracelet is my 12 year anniversary gift from hubby. :yahoo: I had it resized and took out two diamond bezels to be made into a pair of dangling earrings with tithitan pearls. Sorry the pictures did not turn out that great but the stones are very sparkley. I can wear them in different ways.
    tennisbracelets1.jpg rolexandtennisbracelet2.jpg Rolexandtennisbracelet.jpg pinksapphire1.jpg pinksapphire2.jpg
  2. i love!!! do you mind if i ask how many carats your bracelets are??? my b-day's coming up and i would love to get a bracelet... btw, i love the pink sapphire ring too. congrats on your purchase!!!
  3. ^I was going to ask too!

    Congrats, they're all beautiful, enjoy!
  4. lots of prettiness!
  5. WOW!!! Congratulations! Everything is so beautiful. LOVE the bracelet!
  6. :heart:pretty
  7. Beautiful stuff!!!
  8. I love all of your jewelry. Pink sapphires, diamonds, Rolexes, WOW!
  9. Thanks!

    The bezel bracelet is 6.27 cts (32 diamonds, approximately .20 ct each).

    4-prong bracelet is 4.97 cts. (43 diamonds, approximately ~.12 ct each).

    Pink sapphire is 1.92 cts. , not sure about total weight of diamonds.
  10. Your jewellery is TDF!!! So nice and sparkly, just the right amount of bling !

    I love it when all your pieces go together really well...what a fine collection! :yes:
  11. Dang!!!! Love those bracelets!!!! Congrats!!

    And the ring is just beautiful!!!!
  12. Wow! your jewelry is GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE everything! You new bracelet is absolutely breathtaking!!! Rolex+ Diamond tennis bracelet looks amazing, thats my future jewelry aspiration to add a diamond bracelet with my Rolex...someday....ENJOY your new bracelet!!!
  13. Wow!!! Congraulations!! I must say also you do have exquisite taste!!!

    My little one is called Sophie too!!!
  14. Congrats! It's all beautiful!
  15. I'm Sophie too. I'm surprise to find so many Sophies here, always thought Sophia was more popular and I'm the only Sophie. In celebration, you should buy her a LV damier sophie. :graucho: