My Teeny Tiny Collection!

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  1. I just started collecting LV about 8 months ago.

    So here is my tiny collection. I guess it averages about 1 piece a month, not bad I guess. :biggrin:

    I have:
    Speedy 40
    Pochette Accessories
    Poppincourt Haut
    6 Key holder
    Change purse (gift from my boyfriends daughter on mothers day)
    Credit card holder
    White cotten cherries scarf
    Poche Toilette 19

  2. awesome! scarf is sooo cute!
  3. Beautiful collection!!!!
    BTW not that teeny!!
  4. Fabulous!! Great Pieces.:nuts:
  5. Awesome collection of LV!:biggrin:
    Not teeny at all! You should see mine, it's almost non-existent it's SO teeny! LOL!
  6. I love it!:love:
  7. Nice! And it's not tiny! I love the scarf!
  8. You have a very nice LV collection! Thanks for posting pics!
  9. Love them all! Thanks for sharing!
  10. Very good. A great start to a very nice collection!
  11. I envy your LV pieces! Gorgeous!
  12. The cherry scarf is soooo nice :smile:
  13. Very nice LV collection!

    and btw, this is NOT teeny nor tiny!!! :smile:
  14. Loves it! ;)
  15. Great LV collection.