My teeny showcase

  1. I have admired everyone's collection and thought I would add mine - not very big but I still love it. I'm a poor photographer..sorry.
    DSC00616.JPG DSC00618.JPG
  2. Wow, gorgeous collection... I love everything, especially the MC, Theda, and the Epi Lockit. Your Chanels are beautiful.
  3. gorgeous collection!!
  4. Wow that is certainly not a "teeny" collection! I love everything! The LV ivoire lockit, the deauville, the Chanel bowler, baby cabas (I think). Lovely!
  5. yummy! i love everything in your collection!! :smile:
  6. this is not a teeny collection- beautiful bags!
  7. Nice. Love them all.
  8. Teeny?! This is by no means teeny at all! They are absolutely gorgeous! You have an amazing collection! The Chanels are just fabulous, and the LV's too! :smile:
  9. I'm so jealous of your chanels. Great collection.
  10. Thank you everyone you are all so sweet - I do love my collection. I must admit I haven't used them all yet...the addiction is the fault of this forum!
  11. Thanks jessi5786 - and yes you guessed right it is a Baby Cabas.
  12. OMG ... I love all of it! Great taste ... thank you for sharing!
  13. Love your Speedys!!! Very nice collection.
  14. Lovely collection!! I LOVE your Theda most especially. :love:
  15. Not teeny--but gorgeous! Love the LVs