My teeney tiny bag collection

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  1. All right everyone here is my teeney tiny bag collection.
    I am almost embarrassed:shame: to post it after seeing all the HUGE & Gorgeous collections, but I will anyway.

    The green satin hobo & the red/mahogany lunch tote appear to now be property of my daughter, so the photos are from where I purchased from ebay. She also has a small slim duffle style # 1453 in Doe w/ a Mahogany strap(it is supposed to be mine:crybaby: still but oh well). I also have some Coach accessories that I will add later & a few "Mall" bags.
  2. [​IMG]
    Love it!!!

  3. Thanks so much & please excuse the mess in the background. I will be adding my accessories & non designer bags next.

    I try to keep it under 10. I am lucky to have a great group of girls that we trade when we get the shopping bug & don't want to pay, it's great. Sometimes I trade back for one of my own bags.:P It's funny.

    The pic above has from left to right (All Coach)
    1.Khaki/Vachetta Clip(my all time fav everyday bag)

    2.2005 small Scribble Hobo

    3.Black leather clip hobo(my next trade not a big fan of the black leather)

    4.Large Black Mini C signature hobo

    5.2006 Medium khaki/tobacco hobo

    6. 2007 Hamptons Khaki Tote(not sure I just got it last Sat.)

    The green in the photobucket is a small satin hobo, the red/mahogany is a lunch tote(both in my daughters possesion) she also has my small slim leather duffle in doe/mahogany. The first pic in the link is a khaki/gold tote 2006 (I think). :smile: Plus I have a red signature duffle style number 3577. oooh How could I forget my one & only Louis shes my fav fall bag Cabas Piano, great for when I have my grandson it holds a ton without looking like a suitcase.
  4. Great collection! Thanks for sharing!
  5. oh your coach purses are pretty. you have a great group of friends to trade amongst each other. i would luv that.
  6. Great!
  7. Don't be embarrased! You have a beautiful collection!
  8. Yes it's fab their are 3 of us & we are all addicted so one gets one style & the others get something else & the day we buy them we tell each other who wants what when they are ready to trade. I end up getting some of my stuff back(like the khaki/vac clip) I thought I would die :sweatdrop:when I traded it so I got it back quickly. I will get around to the other stuff in a day or two. I am anxiously awaiting a call from my daughter to find out the sex of the new grandbaby.. ;)
  9. nice!
  10. love it!! thanks for posting!!
  11. Nice Collection! thanks for sharing!
  12. Great collection!:woohoo:
  13. Thank you all sooo much. I have other pics to add but havn't been able to find the time. I will do it I promise. :smile:
  14. Great collection- love the Cabas Piano!

  15. Thanks I love her too:heart:!!!!!!!

    Probably the only Louis I'll get. :sad:

    I'm now in the process of buying a Gucci "Abbey" if everyone here agrees it's authentic, I'm gonna love :heart:her too!!!!!