My teal shoulder bag came today!!!!!

May 27, 2008
I'm sooo happy!! :yahoo::yahoo:I absolutely love it!!! From reading other peoples threads I had gotten the impression that my bag would be more (sky) blueish but when I got it's exactly the beautiful seafoam colour I was hoping for!!! I absolutely adore it!! And the leather is sooo gorgeous! I'll post pics of it tomorrow because it's too dark now to take proper pics of the colour.

I have question though for legacy shoulder bag owners. I did notice that this bag seems to show scratches alot! What does everyone else do about the scratches? Do you constantly try and get rid of the scratches or just let them be? I did feel that when there were just a few scratches it didn't look great but as I carried it today and it got more scratches I thought it started to look good. It almost gave it that vintage feel which I absolutely love!!! :heart: So I've decided to just let it be (not treat/condition it) for the time being and see how it goes. Is this wise though? Anyone else just let their legacy bags be without using any sort of protectant?



Jul 21, 2008
North Texas
I bought some of that Apple conditioner based on others recommendations. I used it on the bags & wallets from the old Legacy line (the ones that get dry & scratched!) and I have to say that it works well for this kind of leather. It gets more moisturized and scratches less. Give it a try!


Feb 5, 2008
Las Vegas, NV
My teal gigi is the same leather as yours and I haven't noticed much scratching at all. I haven't appled this bag yet. It doesn't look dry to me but I would if it did. Congrats on your teal shoulder bag!