My Teal City Has Arrived!!!

  1. ;) My Teal City arrived today, and was even more pristine than in the pictures of the listing. For an 05, the handles are perfect without a speck of darkening, the corners as well are in awesome condition. Plus she came with extra tassles sealed up, and I was lucky enough to get a set when I first purchased her. She is a tad bit dry, and I just rec'd my Bal kit from LMB, and the Apple Conditioner both in today's mail. So if anyone has some advice on what to use on her, I would sooo appreciate it! I have never used these products before. The bag doesn't seem to be dirty, just dry. I am not sure if I should use For Handles Only either. FYI, this bag may be the one I sell, only because it is between this one and my Turq Twiggy. So I want to be careful with what I use on it. I will be making a braid and charms for her tonight, and have pictures up tomorrow!
  2. Congrats Deana! Can't wait to see what beautiful thing you've done to your teal tomorrow!
  3. :shame:
    Thank you!!! Just so you all don't go "jeesh Deana, wasn't all our answers on the LMB vs AG thread enough for you"?!!! I poured over the responses again, and they were all very helpful. Especially pp100 and the others who said the Apple products seem to have more of a drying affect than LMB, which is not what this bag needs at all! So I will spruce her up tonight, make a pretty accessory, and hopefully tomorrow will be a beautiful sunny day to take some photos!!!
  4. Congrats! I bet it's beautiful!
  5. Congratulations Deana. Pictures please. :yes: I am once again on the fence
    with the conditioners. The LMB conditioner seems to be more concentrated and moistuize more BUT it takes the shine away and leaves a dull film that I am not liking at all. I did my flat brass and Ink again which were really dry. The LMB really moisturized, makes it soft, makes some of the veins go away, but I don't like the way it makes the leather. I re-did both of the today with Apple and they look shiny and beautiful. So I just don't know now. I think I will stick to Apple and just do more coats. I don't like that it left a film on the bags. I know they make a shine restore to conteract this, but with the Apple it doesn't diminsh the shine. One other thing I noticed. I used a white rag and when I used the Apple there was no dye transfer, but when I used the LMB I saw some black on the rag from my flat brass. It wasn't dirt because I had already given it 2 coats of the Apple conditioner when I got it and there was no dye transfer. Now my Mom likes the LMB products, but she uses Apple too. I asked her if that ever happened to her and she said she hasn't used them on her Balenciagas. So once again, it's trial and error.:confused1:
    I do think the LMB handle protector seems to work. My Greige handles are like new and I have been carrying it a lot the last month. The other day I had lip gloss on my finger and grabbed my handles. It got on them, but it wiped right off with a tissue, so I will say that seems to be a really godd protector. It separated in the jar and I'm not sure what to do aobut that. I borrowed it from my Mom to do my handles. She said that she stirred it and it mixed into a cream again.
  6. Congrats on your new bag! Sorry I am no help on the dryness but please let us know what you decide on. I am waiting for the LMB kit to come in and will try it out.
  7. DUDE!! why no pictures?! :shrugs:
    I'm dying with anticipation here........ heheheheh. I love my Teal city too, I think it's a nice sedate colour for every day use. Can't wait to see yours! :heart:
  8. :P Oh Bev you know me! I can't just take normal pictures! So as soon as the sun is just right, I will set up my photo shoot. Ok just kidding! After I take my daughter to school I will get the photos up.
    Thanks pp, I really appreciate all your info and understand your dilemma's completely. This is what I have done so far...I am not crazy about the smell of either products. It's not that either Apple or LMB is stinky or way strong, but I love the smell of Bal leather. On the Teal bag there was a very small spot of what looked to be pencil, pen, or makeup and the LMB cleaner took it off instantly. Since I was confused about what to use, I ended up using my old stand by for dryness, Cetaphil cream on the entire bag except handles. Then I used the LMB shine restore. The bag looks brand spanking new, since the only real problem with the bag was dryness. The corners weren't worn but had a lighter look to them and that is completely gone. Later today (since it's 1 am here now) I am going to put the LMB handle care on it, and I am going to use the shine restore after moisturizing my pink and magenta bags. I try not to carry my bags with my hands on the handles, but slipped on my forearm. But I am going to use LMB's For Handles Only on all of my Bal bags. I will let you know if the smell of the products fades. I'll be back later with pictures!