My Tax Invoice...i'm...VIP!? -_-

  1. mmm...

    I've bought 3 tax invoice reads..."VIP No: 100****"

    What does this mean?

    I'm VIP?...:confused1:
  2. If they have taken your details and entered it into the system that would make you that. It doesn't mean anything in my opinion. I'm in the system but cos I don't buy much I am not really considered VIP. I can see you're in Australia so things should be the same in NSW and VIC.

    For example, I'm in the system so I am considered a so-called 'VIP'. However when it comes to the pre-sale. I do not get a call to come in early to choose out what I want. I think that VIP system is based on how much you buy. I don't buy much from the boutique (just a few times a year) cos I buy from a boutique right next to Gucci that stocks Gucci and offers much better service and gives me a discount everytime I shop there.

    So basically it just means you're in the system. Hope that helps!
  3. :smile: