My Target Rafe

  1. so after reading the FAB thread on the new rafe line at target...i went out to get one...there was a doctor bag but thought it was a bit too shiny...however i fell inlove w/ the clutch...originally i was gonna get the chocolate clutch but when i saw it in person i thought it was too shiny. SO I WENT FOR THE VANILLA AND YOU KNOW WAT?? FOR 20 BUX BUCKS I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! its not the least bit shiny! im gonna use it at school so that i dont have to carry around a purse and well use it every so night...i took some PIX thought PF'ers would like to see it! ENJOY!:yahoo::yahoo:

  2. What a steal! I think it's adorable. Love the buckles!
  3. It's very cute ... I really like it! I wish we had Target here in Canada, I always pop into a Target store whenever I'm in the US.
  4. I got the doctor bag. I love it soo much. Beleive it or not I get more comments on my Rafe dr. bag then I did on my Coach purses
  5. i ordered and am waiting to get the black patent clutch.....none of our targets had it..went around to a few...ordered it online, and it's shipped so i'll get it soon!!! can't wait!!! great pics..enjoy it!

  6. yeah the styles adorable..but i was shopping w/ my bf and he convinced me into believing it was too but u know wat i think im gonna go for it ..grab one while theyre still in stock! thanx for the inspiration!!
  7. OMG that is soo hot, I'm totally feeling this line. funny I never heard of the real one until now.
  8. lol me too....the lines great though...i onto their website just now to try and nab the DR. but theyre all gone...guess ill just rush to the local target tom!
  9. It's adorable, i may have to get me one of those.
  10. thanx everyone for the kudos!
  11. That is cute :smile:
    I love target. :P
  12. That's so funny! I just bought the black one last week!:yahoo: I looked at those larger purses (not the doctor one), and they were a bit too shiny for me. Plus the magnetic thing that was supposed to hold the together wasn't very strong and didn't close properly (I tried like 3 different bags and they were all like that) I wish I had bought the creme one too! I am a major major Target fan. Good for you!:jammin:
  13. That is some nice clutch! Love the color!
  14. Love it! Love the price, too!
  15. if i get the DR bag tom ill post some pics...they actually only had 1 left...soo IM CROSSING MY FINGERS and hoping that its still there eeep!