My target for spring 2008: the Majorelle

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  1. I was going to buy one of the muses but I like this one so much! It's gorgeous!!! Does anybody know if it's in stores yet? anybody seen it?

    Photo courtesy of The Bag Snob
  2. I like it!
  3. I was at NM yesterday, but I didn't see that style....they said more new items will be in during February!
  4. I really, really like this bag. I would love to see it in person. Hopefully my local NM or Saks will carry it :nuts:
  5. It's fabulous!
  6. The word is that this bag will be available only in patent for the US. There may be plain leather versions available in Fall 2008, though. Since I'm not looking for a patent bag right now, I'll just be admiring all of the pics from TPFers who pick it up this spring!
  7. I cant wait to check out this bag irl and compare the sizes of it - im planning on getting it too!
  8. omg...I want that soo much! Wonder how much it is?
  9. nice color and nice style
  10. So this is the Majorelle! When I read about the Muse II and then saw this photo ( I immediately assumed this was the Muse II. Anyway, these names are confusing!!!! I kinda like it, like a mix between the uptown and the Muse.
  11. LOVE this bag! How lovely! Another classic.
  12. Hi all, I am newly registered after I have recently found this wonderful place.

    I have a question regarding the YSL Majorelle

    My boyfriend is looking to buy one for himself and unfortunately not in white - shame as I would love to borrow it daily.
    He is looking to buy a black one (the largest sized one). Does anyone have a picture of a black Majorelle?

    The bag in white is simply gorgeous but I am wondering, is the black one less feminine ? Will he 'get away' with it ?

    He is alternatively looking at the new Prada Cervo Folding Flat Tote

    Thank you
  13. Personally, I think this is designed to be a very feminine-looking bag. The frame top just seem too ladylike and like it wouldn't work as a masculine look in any color. Plus, there are reports that it will only be available in patent (and that the white one pictured is actually patent) so your boyfriend would be looking at it in Large Black Patent. However, that's just my opinion and there's always the benefit of being able to borrow it if he decides to go for it!

    I could much more easily see a guy carrying the Prada Tote he is also interested in. There are also some other great YSL bags like the new Besace Flap Bag which he might like.



  14. Thank you Shazam!!!

    I agree with you that the bag looks very very feminine. I just wonder what it looks like in black (although if it is patent then I doubt very much it will work for him... patent bags from YSL seem to be very shiny). But I am in love with this bag so if he doesnt get a black one, I will get a white one ! Yay. Here's to hoping there is only black patent...

    As for the Prada bag in your post, he doesn't like it (neither do I actually).
    We had seen the brown YSL bag before online but we both didn't like it from the picture but in real life (from the pic you attached) and in black it looks gorgeous. We (well he) will definitely have a look at it.

    After more searching, he is now also looking at the following bags...

    (In retrospect, I should have made this a separate post to try to get some more responses...)


    Pratesi - he will likely get this for daily office use PLUS another from the ones below:


    Tod's (I think I will try to convince him to get this one...)

    Lambertson (I am not sure the handle will work ;) )



    Ferragamo (if available in black - not patent although I really like it)
  15. Apollyanna .. are you sure your boyfriend is interested in the Majorelle bag? :thinking:

    I think it might be the Muse as he wouldn't be the first guy to be wearing the Muse.

    Let us know :smile: