MY TANO SHOPPING EXPERIENCE! Opinions, pictures and a story inside :)

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  1. Hi everyone :smile: If you know me on here you know i love to tell stories, and love to share pictures SO :smile: here i go!

    I decided just recently that i really enjoyed the look of Tano handbags and really wanted one! :smile: I was between the sexbomb and the Bottle blonde,,,but then i got a little scared,,,,

    I just have never had leather that wasnt super smooth soft leather, and the shine of crunch leather sort of scared me,,, :sad:

    I then started looking into older styles in other leathers, and i found the Festoon, a nice big bag with soft leather,,i was going to order it online but i decided before i did anything,, i shold try and see them in person

    what do you know there is store in my neighborhood that Alexandra informed me is a BIG seller of Tano's
    So i decided this afternoon to take a stroll there,,,

    so here is the sight you see when you enter:

    as you can see shelves and shelves of TANOS! all sorts of colors, styles, sizes everything,,,

    even tables of them!

    SO needless to say i was completly overwhelmed and didnt know where to begin so i just started feeling those babies up! hehe

    and i have to be totally honest :sad: i didnt LOVE the way the crunch leather felt,, i love the bright colors but it just wasnt soft,,and as i was worried ,,,,it was sort of shiny for me

    i was hoping i wouldnt feel that way, but i did! :sad: I kept looking and looking, and trying and trying and i just was not feeling the crunch leather,,,it wasnt soft enough for me and was a little too shiny,,maybe one day it will grow on me ill keep going in there and looking @ it,,,maybe my feelings will change

    but i wasnt in love enough to get one,,

    THEN!!! my Festoon was there!! In burgundy the color i thought i wanted and the minute i touched her i new that was it! :smile: Tenmosquito has informed me she found out its lambskin leather,, and MAN IT FEELS LIKE IT!

    its SO soft like butter seriously and i think its gorgeous, its SO lightweight its like not carrying a bag, of course the first thing my cat did was poke a tiny hole in the lining with his claw, but its really small and not enough to cause it to tear and it didnt go through the leather THANK GOSH!!!!!!!!!!! haha stupid cat :smile:

    anyway i think its totally amazing and i will totally be buying more Tano's but i may only own regular leather Tanos and not the shiny ones , but the shiny ones the colors really are ROCKIN! :smile:

    SOOO that is my adventure from today, and here are the pics of my new bag! :smile:



    YAAYAYAY!! :smile: im so in love and thankk you all so much for your help and opinions i hope in the future to find a crunch leather one i like, i still adore the shape of the bottle blonde and they didnt have that one so maybe one day?

    and i 10000% plan to get a sexbomb in the limited prroduction lenny leather! :smile: YAY!! :heart:

    i also bought a cute bag charm i am going to showcase in a Bessie's new adorable bag charms thread :smile:!!! **but you all should check it out when i make the thread cause they are SO cute! :smile:

    And the last thing i got, i purchased this with donation $ :smile:
    support autism reasearch :smile:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. OMG Bessie that color and leather is gorgeous. It's the perfect shade of burgundy. I really hope that Tano has a gorgeous red like that for the fall.
  3. Where's the store btw? I think you live in Brooklyn, but what nabe is the store in?
  4. its in Park slope brooklyn, the store is called LOOM :smile:
  5. Bessie, after seeing your Tano I can see why you love it, it looks great on you!

    I have already ordered 2 bags from Alexandria with the new Lenny leather, you will LOVE that. Make sure you email her to see the new stuff.

    Congrats on your new bag.
  6. Woo hoo!
    Beautiful bag Bessie!

    I just your pics and they are definitely better than those that I have saved up in my computer - better add your pic to the collection hehehe!

    Saw any other bag that you might fancy?
  7. they had this adorable red one same leather as this one, but it was true red and same style pretty much just smaller and i was REALLY torn but i have so many red red bags that i felt this color would add more versitility to my collection

    but i really wanted both haah :smile:

    and YAYAYAYAAY Im so glad you guys like IT! :smile:
  8. Oh Bessie - it's GORGEOUS! You are a new Tano fan like me then, eh? My next one will be the sexy terry or the love boat, I think. Aren't they GREAT?!?
  9. Yeah I have to admit now that I have seen your pictures, I think the burgundy one looks better than the turquoise one! Good choice!

    Did you get to see the turquoise one as well?
  10. What a pretty bag! Congrats! I love it. :smile:
  11. beautiful bag and it looks great on you! I love the color and shape!! Enjoy!!
  12. That's a gorgeous bag! The leather looks amazing as well as the burgundy. So rich looking! Congrats!
  13. GREAT bag! Thanks so much for sharing pics! Looks wonderful on you!
  14. yayyy bessie it's GORGEOUS! makes the beautiful girl even more beautiful!
  15. Beautiful new Tano Bessie! It looks great on you!