My Tano Sex Bomb Arrived Today!! : )

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  1. It's here!! My first Tano bag, the Sex Bomb in Tango Red. The UPS guy just gave it to me. It was so funny too because my daughter said "Mommy, is it another purse??" She is GOOD lol. I love this bag!! The leather is perfect and it's very lightweight. I highly reccommend this bag ladies! Anyways, here is my latest addition. My girl insisted to be in one of the pics haha.

    tano%20001.jpg tano%20002.jpg tano%20003.jpg
  2. Wow Missy your daughter is just beautiful! The bags not too shabby either :p I love the color and the size
  3. Awww thanks Dolly! She's a handful I tell you lol. She will be 5 on Jan. 20th, but she gets so excited like me when I receive a new bag in the mail hehe.
  4. Missy! I love it!!!! :tup: What color is the lining??? It is a gorgeous bag!!!

    PS: Your daughter has some LONG EYELASHES!!! She's gorgeous, too!
  5. Thanks Voodoo!! The color of the lining is like a royal blue. Very pretty indeed. Gosh I totally love this bag!! I'm hooked on Tano now and the prices are very reasonable too.

    Kiki (my daughter) does have long lashes lol. I don't think she will need to use mascara in the future hehe. Thanks so much for the comments!!
  6. What a cutie dd you have! And how do you find the hardware on Tano bags? Does it feel heavy weight/ good quality?
  7. Lovely bag...even lovlier young lady...another bag lover in the making?
  8. Congrats!! I have the exact same bag and I love it as well.
  9. I have the jettsetter which is same style but different's like a burnt orange color. I get so many compliments on it. Your red looks great!!! Where it well....

    My dd (7 )just asked who your daughter was....dd "who's that, can we have a playdate, does she like Hannah Montana"....LOL....your dd is adorable!
  10. Beautiful bag- such a gorgeous color! and your daughter is soo cute. Enjoy!
  11. I just can't believe how lightweight this bag is ladies. The hardware is great quality too : ) Definately thumbs up!

    Brimack, so cute what your dd said lol. Mine doesn't even know about Hannah Montana yet. She's more into Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob. Give her time though and she will get into all that haha. I already got her a Dora purse for X-Mas and she adores it. I have another daughter too, three yrs. old, and I think she loves purses even more than my oldest girl. Here's a pic of her:

  12. Your babies are so cute!

    If I may just chime in here on the Tano hardware...... both my Boogie Bucket and Miss Print's hardware is good, chunky hardware with weight and substance to them. Don't let the spectacular "low" price point scare you off of a Tano bag ladies....they are TDF and AMAZING prices.

    Sorry...back to admiring Missy's kids and bag! haha

    If you can....take a pic of the lining w/ the leather to contrast....I think Tano's bags have amazing lining/leather combos.
  13. SeXie color! Congrats!
  14. congrats! that color is HTF now, at the end of the season. Good score! You will love it!
  15. aww cute daughters! Love that bag! I want to get one in black eventually after my bag ban :graucho: