My TANO Off the Chain Bag

  1. Here's my promised pic of the Tano Off the Chain Bag. I love the Cobolt Blue color and the site doesn't show the nice full sized zipper pocket on the back (or front). The Chains make a little noise but not annoying so. It is a very pretty bag in a wild sort of way...LOL
    I still have my qualms. The zipper pull is crap. Made out of what looks like a worn piece of Scrap leather. That is a NONO on a 215.00 bag! Alexandra...tell those people they need to step up this feature. This one thing if anything turns me off these bags especially since my MiniLisa's completely unraveled on me.



  2. i really like it! i have the sexbomb in is the prettiest color and really goes well in the cruch leather...enjoy!
  3. Thanks for posting the pics Lexie, it looks really cute. I assume the bows on the side are finished better than the godforsaken zipper pull?
  4. The Bows are okay. It's seems the zipper pull is where the problems are. Here is a pic of the bow and also a pic of the outside pocket zipper pull that is equally as crappy as the main one.


  5. Yikes, what a bummer! I would be equally annoyed by the zipper pulls if it was my bag. :sad:

    On the other hand, I adore that shape and style... and OOOH that color! Very nice!
  6. ooh... that does look a little rough around the edges!
    Btw I forgot - since the zipper pull thing fell off - did you return the Minilisa?
  7. Yes, I returned it to MustHaveBags. That was disappointing. It didn't pull off though. It was just sewn with one line down the middle of the pull and the 2 ends didn't match so it started unraveling until it got to the top. It's a whole Yin Yang thing. Love the style of the bag and the look. Like the pretty colors. But not so keen on craftsmanship for the price. Put on some nice sturdy FINISHED zipper pulls and some higher quality lining fabric and I would be a happy camper.
  8. so ur going to keep this one right?

    btw love your Kooba Alex!
  9. Oh yes, I am keeping it. I love it for it's looks. It will be mine sans something falling off or unraveling...LOL
  10. I must say I adore that cobalt blue, it is marvelous in the crunch leather.
  11. Do you know what?! It has just struck me that everybag I own or have coming in the post doesnt have zipper closure.
    I dont trust zips from any brand as once the zip messes up your bag is unuseable.
    Zipless is the way to go :yes: