My Tano Miss Print Was a Chick Magnet!

  1. Of course.... not in that way :lol:

    But every single place I've been today I've had a stranger come up and ask about my bag.... I love love LOVE to show her off...!!

    It's the first time I got comments at EVERY stop... (okay, not at the gas station but she was still inside on the seat and I didn't go into the store!)

    But ... it is just because I'm germophobic but... I just cringed whenever someone reached out and touched it... ick! Don't touch my bag! haha
  2. Lol, I know what you mean. I was showing a male friend a new bag the other day, and he reached out to touch it. I snatched it back, and told him he wasn't touching my bag when he had just been carrying that backpack I know he sits on the ground all the time. :nogood:
  3. i know the feeling. my new tano bag has gotten more compliments than most of my expensive bags :confused1:
  4. Wanna share any pics?:graucho:
  5. ^^^Yes ma'am I do!!! The best pics I've got really are these from the weekend I got her:

    Tano Miss Print
  6. Just ordered mine in Cinnamon. :smile:
  7. Voodoo that's awesome! Don't you love getting affirmations of your own great taste, haha. Those are the bags worth keeping and even getting multiples of, not just because they get noticed but because they make you happy!
  8. Love your bag Voodoo!! I can't wait for my Sexbomb to arrive : ) I'm already looking into getting the Boogie Bucket. What do you ladies think of that style? Is it comfortable to carry over the shoulder?
  9. Yes I was surprised at how much complements my tano bag got too vs my more expensive bags! I'm glad that you (and the strangers) are enjoying your Miss Print! happy new years!
  10. I really like it with the leopard Coach scarf! Very cute!
  11. Thank you! Please, please, PLEASE post pics of your Sexbomb when you get it. I can't wait to see it!

    And I love my Boogie Bucket! It fits over my shoulder very comfortably and has a great pouty slouch. As I've worn it the leather has gotten softer but still has that beautiful shine to it.

    I'm praying that Tano makes the Boogie Bucket in watermelon this spring!

    Thank you! I specifically bought the scarf for the bag!! :lol:
  12. Thanks for the Boogie Bucket info Voodoo. I think I'll wait for the new colors before I order : )

  13. Ya know what, Missy.... check Alex's last comment right here... you may want to snag one....
  14. Just read it Voodoo. Thanks so much for letting me know : ) You are such a doll!!

  15. Backatcha! :flowers: