My Tano Boogie Bucket arrived today...

  1. :yahoo: Oh wow!!! This is the first time in quite a while that I have loved a new bag as soon as I took it from out of the box!!!!

    IM IN LOVE!!:heart:
    This bag is perfect for me! The size, colour, the single strap! This is perfect for my daily bag. It has enough room for mine and my kids essentials but the brown colour gives it a 'rich' look!

    I also love the distressed leather, as I dont like carrying around bags that looks obviously new. I usually bash my new bags about inside there dustbag to wear them in a bit :lol: but with this need for any bag abuse!!

    I know that some people talked about the colour rubbing off, so I did a rub test on a white sheet, and nothing came off. I also did a teeny water drop test underneath the bag and rubbed again, but still nothing. Maybe those people who did have problems like that, the bags were a 'one off' problem?

    Anyway thanks to Tano Expert for the discount which introduced me to Tano!

    I will definatley be checking out the new range that she talked about on the other thread.

    I love my new bag!!
    camel 016.jpg camel 013.jpg camel 012.jpg
  2. I just had to reply because I am exactly the same way! I want my non-structured bags to look “distressed” and old when I first carry them…which is why I love the crunch leather so much.

    The boogie bucket is really a classic shape. I better control myself from getting one.
  3. looks great on you, congrats!!
  4. fabulous!!
  5. I have the exact same bag :nuts: I love it! It fits perfectly on my shoulder, has plenty of space, and the leather wears well over time :yes:
  6. It looks wonderful on your shoulder.

    I have often looked at the buckets and wondered if they feel somewhat like a bottomless pit.

    Does it feel really deep to you, do you have to hunt for your stuff? Do tell.
  7. What a gorgeous bag! I love it! The leather is so shiny.
  8. Well I think it depends on the actual bag and what you carry inside.
    I have an Isabella Fiore Chain Reaction bucket bag , and although its the same design as the Tano, its got more depth, which means you need a digger to get your stuff out, and its really heavy too. Im going to sell that one as now I have the Tano I will never use it again. Also the IF strap is too wide and it keeps slipping, but the Tano is just right for me.
    The Tano has depth but its not too deep. Plus its light in weight which is great for me, as I intend to use it for shopping trips. I actually took it out today on a bus trip with my 2 and 3 year old children. The minimum contents I carry is a large wallet, mini brush, wetwipes, makeup bag, sunglasses, kids caps, and usually half way through their jumpers will be stuffed inside when they get too hot.

    I would say if you carry a lot of stuff, definatley consider a bucket bag.
  9. Congrats! My black boogie bucket is my FAVORITE bag in my collection.
    The brown is an amazing color!
  10. Gorgeous bag it looks fab on you!!!
  11. congrats! it looks great on you :yes:



  12. congratulations! it looks SOOO fabulous on you!
  13. love it!
  14. WOW what a great bag! I LOVE the color and it really suits you!
  15. Congrats!! It is such a beautiful bag! I have the same one in red, and I use it all the time...
    It looks great on you :smile: