My Tano Adventure in Atlanta

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  1. Well, last Thursday I went to Atlanta (my husband had a conference) and I printed out all the stores that carry Tanos and drove all around Atlanta for 3 days looking for Tanos. The only problem is when I bought one if I saw another that I liked better it was sometimes too far to go back and return and then go back and get the other. Thank goodness for the GPS or I would still be wandering around! We're talking up to 20 or 30 miles all around downtown and with the traffic it was taking a long time and a lot of gas! I ended up with a raspberry Getting Warmer, a grape Postage Tramp (for when I want a small bag) and 2 older bags, a sangria Carte Blanche and a charcoal (had the greenish tint) bag that I don't know the name of. I will try and take pics soon but I have a lot to do this week and we are going out of town again for labor day.
    I saw a new fall bag in several colors that was not in the Tano preview post that we have. It is a smaller bag with double handles (I think) that were handheld and the very top 3 or 4 inches flip over and attach with magnets. It was soooo cute. They had pomegranate, blueberry and black. If it had been in grape or raspberry I would have gotten it. All of the other fall colors (I have seen them all in person now) are too close to my other colors from past seasons. I saw other fall styles (all in black mostly) but can't remember all the names right now.:smile:
  2. Oh, and I saw a lot more of past season bags that I wish I could have afforded. I found the Goody Bag in sangria and (I think) drizzle gray. I found 4 of the woven leather bags in various colors. There was a fresh olive bag that I didn't recognize and some version of gray in I think the Speed Demon? There were more but I can't remember them now. My phone doesn't have a camera and my husband had our camera at his conference.
  3. That sounds like it was head-spinning, but fun! I love the name "Postage Tramp"!
  4. Wow, I bet that was so fun! I've never seen Tano's in person...that would be a nice outing for me. Even if I couldn't actually buy anything. I can't wait to see pics of your new loot!
  5. ^^Thanks! It was a lot of fun. Pictures soon, I haven't even unpacked yet. :shame:
  6. that is so exciting!!! can you post the name of the boutiques you found them at? I live in ATL and have never come across them in a shop here - only in Asheville and Denver have I seen them IRL. I did hunt down a boutique in Decatur that used to carry them...
  7. Hi Olibri! I just printed the page of Georgia stores from The stores that I visited that had new fall bags were the Marmi in Lenox Square and the Marmi in The Forum in Norcross and Private Gallery in Avenue East Cobb in Marietta. The prices are the best at Private Gallery. They had a raspberry Flashbulb Flurry that was gorgeous. But the Marmi stores had a few more bags, especially Lenox Square. The boutique that had a lot of past season bags and a lot of wallets and clutches (you really have to hunt around the store all around the clothes) was Nancy's in Dunwoody. Be careful with Nancys though because it is swap or store credit only for 14 days, no refunds. I also saw a good many spring bags and one of the woven bags at Shoe Gallery in Roswell. All these stores said they have fall bags ordered. I didn't check Shoe Gallery in Suwanee. There was a store in the square at Marietta that had about 4 spring bags. If I were you I would just look at the list on and call each store. Good luck and have fun!!
  8. Thanks!! You really did go everywhere - I'm shocked that the majority of those are OTP (outside the Perimeter) in the burbs. I figured it would be smaller boutique-y shops downtown... Oh well, Lenox isn't that far so I'm gonna check it out this weekend!
  9. Did you get to shop in the atlanta airport? I was there last year, it is an amazing airport. Soo many store. They have a bare escentuals store - which is my favorite makeup. I was like a kid in a candy store
  10. which store had the goody bag in gray?
  11. Please post pics of the raspberry Getting Warmer. I am debating between whether to get that or a Boogie in raspberry. Sounds like you had fun in Atlanta. I will be there in the fall. I will be sure to scope out some TANOs in real life.
  12. Wow, that's quite a journey you've had and what a dedicated Tano-ite you are! You're so lucky to have seen so many Tanos in one place! Congrats on your purchases! I can't wait to see pics!
  13. I'm glad I am not the only person who feels this way! I always fly Delta from New Mexico to NYC and I end up in ATL for long, long layovers! They really do have excellent shopping and eating, it's my favorite place to be trapped.

  14. Both the Goody Bags were at Nancy's in Dunwoody. And the bag that I said was a Speed Demon was actually a Carmen Get It I think. Nancy's also had 3 of the woven bags, one in a celery color, one in a pool looking color and one in a kind of rose color. They were all the same style and Shoe Gallery in Roswell had another woven style in the celery looking color. But Nancy's definitely had a lot of the older styles.
  15. No, I live in North Alabama so we drove.